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Safety Management and Safety Assessment

Process Safety Management, a process is any activity or combination of activities including any use, storage, manufacturing, handling or the on-site movement of Highly Hazardous Chemicals (HHCs) or is an analytical tool focused on preventing releases of any substance defined as a "Highly Hazardous Chemicals".


PSM and PHA by Harry J. Toups
Overview of Process Safety & iDRM and their Inter - relationship by R.P.Bhanushah

Process Safety - “S2S, a gateway for plant and process safety”

The European Web Portal for Process Safety - information on:
     * Safety management
     * Human Factors
     * Explosions
     * Industrial Fires
     * Chemical Reactions
     * Measurement methods
     * Protective Equipment
     * Material safety data sheets
     * Legislation & Standardisation


Material for the improvement of the level of process safety.


European Process Safety Centre
Organisation which provides technical focus for process safety in Europe. [More]
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