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Module 1: Training in industrial Disaster Risk Management - Confined Space Safety

This module was prepared by the Disaster Management Institute Bhopal in cooperation with the Indo-German bilateral cooperation - InWEnt Capacity Building International and GTZ-ASEM.

Download the brochure of module 1 - Confined Space Safety
All hazards found in a regular workspace can also be found in a confined space. However, they can be even more hazardous in a confined space than in a regular work site.



  1. What is a confined space?
  2. What are the hazards in a confined space?
  3. Why is working in a confined space more hazardous than working in other workspaces?
  4. What should be done when preparing to enter the confined space?
  5. What should happen when work is being done in a confined space?
  6. What are some emergency response precautions?
  7. Is worker training important?
  8. What are other safety precautions?
  9. What is an Entry Permit System?
  10. Standby/Rescue
  11. Checklist


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