Concept of Safety

In order to understand the accident causation, it is necessary to consider what is meant by "safety".
Depending on one's perspective, the concept of safety may have different connotations, such as:

  • zero accidents (or serious incidents);
  • the freedom from danger or risks, i.e. those factors which cause or are likely to cause harm;
  • the attitude towards unsafe acts and conditions by employees (reflecting a "safe" corporate culture);
  • the degree to which the inherent risks in industry are "acceptable";
  • the process of hazard identification and risk management; and
  • the control of accidental loss (of persons and property, and damage to the environment).

Safety is the state in which the risk of harm by accident to persons or of property damage is reduced to, and maintained at or below, an acceptable level through a continuing process of hazard identification and risk management.


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