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Module 3: Training in industrial Disaster Risk Management - Hazard Identification and Control Measures

This module was prepared by the Disaster Management Institute Bhopal in cooperation with the Indo-German bilateral cooperation - InWEnt Capacity Building International and GTZ-ASEM.

Download the brochure of module 3 - Hazards Identification and Control Measures in chemical (industrial) workplaces
This Module provides the information on various methods of hazards identification and control measures at chemical (industrial)
workplaces. At the end of this module, trainees will be able to:

  • understand the philosophy of hazards recognition;
  • understand the philosophy and methods of control;
  • understand and suggest several methods of preventing and
  • controlling hazards in their own workplaces; etc.

This module is mainly targeted to:

  • Safety auditors
  • Emergency responders
  • Emergency planners and regulators
  • Civil administrators


Workplace Hazards
       What is a hazard?
       Why hazards identification?

       Categorising hazards
       How to identify hazards
       Broad categories of hazard
       General understanding about hazards

Control measures
       Engineering controls
       Administrative controls
       Personal protective equipment
       Other methods of control
       Check lists



  • OSHAS: occupational health and safety management system
  • HAZOP: Hazards and operability studies
  • FMEA: Failure mode effect analysis
  • FTA: Fault tree analysis
  • ETA: Event tree analysis
  • MAH: Major accident hazards
  • PPE: Personal protective equipments
  • MSDS: Material safety data sheet
  • SCBA: Self contained breathing apparatus


  • Factories Act 1948 and amendments
  • ILO Bureau for workers' activities: your health and safety at work 1999


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