Responsibilities of the Authorities

Number one:

It shall be the duty of the concerned authority as identified in Column 2 of Schedule 5 (Table 3) to prepare and keep up-to-date an adequate off-site emergency plan containing particulars specified in Schedule 12 (appendix 4) and detailing how emergencies relating to a possible major accident on that site will be dealt with and in preparing that plan the concerned authority shall consult the occupier, and such other persons as it may deem necessary.

Number two:

For the purpose of enabling the concerned authority to prepare the emergency plan required under sub-rule(1), the occupier shall provide the concerned authority with such information relating to the industrial activity under his control as the concerned authority may require, including the nature, extent and likely effects off-site of possible major accidents and the authority shall provide the occupier with any information on the off-site emergency plan which relates to his duties under rule 13.

Number three:

The concerned authority shall prepare its emergency plan required under sub-rule (1) -

  • In the case of a new industrial activity, before that activity is commenced;
  • In the case of an existing industrial activity, within six months of coming into operation to these rules.

Number four:

The concerned authority shall ensure that a rehearsal of the off-site emergency plan is conducted at least once in a calendar year.

For escape routes, assembly points and for further development each industry should have to plot the vulnerability zones for various scenarios like, fire, explosion and toxic releases as shown in Fig -2. These zones should be used in totality for overall emergency preparedness.


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