Appendix 3: Details to be furnished in the On-Site Emergency Plan

1. Name and address of the person furnishing the information.

2. Key personnel of the organization and responsibilities assigned to them in case of an emergency

3. Outside organization if involved in assisting during on-site emergency:

  • Type of accidents
  • Responsibility assigned

4. Details of liaison arrangement between the organizations.

5. Information on the preliminary hazard analysis:

  • Type of accident
  • System elements or events that can lead to a major accident
  • Hazards
  • Safety relevant components

6. Details about the site:

  • Location of dangerous substances.
  • Seat of key personnel
  • Emergency control room

7. Description of hazardous chemicals at plant site:

  • Chemicals (Quantities and toxicological data)
  • Transformation if any, which could occur.
  • Purity of hazardous chemicals.

8. Likely dangers to the plant.

9. Enumerate effects of :

  • Stress and strain caused during normal operation:
  • Fire and explosion inside the plant and effect if any, of fire and explosion out side.

10. Details regarding:

  • Warning, alarm and safety and security systems.
  • Alarm and hazard control plans in line with disaster control and hazard control planning, ensuring the necessary technical and organizations precautions;
  • Reliable measuring instruments, control units and servicing of such equipment's.
  • Precautions in designing of the foundation and load bearing parts of the building.
  • Continuous surveillance of operations.
  • Maintenance and repair work according to the generally recognized rules of good engineering practices

11. Details of communication facilities available during emergency and those required for an off-site emergency.

12. Details of fire fighting and other facilities available and those required for an off-site emergency.


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