8. Indian initiatives

Health and safety is one of the most important aspects of an organization's smooth and effective functioning. Good health and safety performance ensures an accident free industrial environment. With the continuous and untiring effort of various legislative authorities as well as NGOs, the awareness of Occupational Health and Safety (OH and S) has improved in the India considerably. Organizations have started attaching the same importance to achieve high OH&tS performance as they do to other key aspects of their business activities. This demands adoption of a structured approach for the identification of hazards, their evaluation and control of risks. Considering this fact and a great demand from the industry for a comprehensive framework for OH and S, the Committee decided to formulate an Indian Standard on OH and S management systems as IS 18001: 2000. The Indian Standards listed below (Table-2) have been considered in making the standard:

The Occupational Health and Safety (OH and S) management into the existing overall management system should be considered within a general management system model that incorporates the following principles (Figure 7).

  • Figure 7
  • Principle 1 Commitment and Policy - An organization should define its OH&tS policy and ensure commitment to its OH and S management systems.
  • Principle 2 Planning - An organization should plan to fulfill its OH and S policy, objectives and targets.
  • Principle 3 Implementation and Operation - For effective implementation, an organization should develop the capabilities and support mechanism necessary to achieve its OH&tS policy, objectives and targets.
  • Principle 4 Measurement and Evaluation - An organization should measure, monitor and evaluate its OH&S performance and take preventive and corrective action.
  • Principle 5 Management Review - An organization should regularly review and continually improve its OH&tS management system, with the objective of improving its OH and S performance.


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