2. Head Protection

Safety signage should be displayed in those areas where the hard hat is required.

There are four widely used types of head protection:

  • Crash Helmets; protect against impact with moving objects
  • Industrial Safety Helmets; protect against falling objects or impact with fixed objects
  • Bump Caps; protect against scalping or entanglement
  • Caps and Hair nets; protect scalping or entanglement

Much will depend upon type and form of the risk an individual is exposed to in terms of head protection required. For head protection to be suitable, it must fit the wearer properly, be of an appropriate size and have an easily adjustable headband, nape and chin strap. An ideal head protection does not hinder the work being done, and has compatibility with other PPE, such as ear and eye protectors, being worn at the same time. The sizes in which industrial helmets are available in the market:

Type of Head Band Size
Small 500 - 540 mm
Medium 540 - 590 mm
Large 590 -640 mm

Caps have adjustable lace arrangement.

Orange six point ratchet suspension safety helmet with nylon webbing, Ear Muffs, Visor Bracket and Nylon Visor


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