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4. Estimating Off-site and On-site receptors

Generally we estimate residential populations within the circle defined by the endpoint for our worst-case and alternative release scenarios (i.e., the center of the circle is the point of release and the radius is the distance to the endpoint).

If there are any schools, residences, hospitals, prisons, public recreational areas or arenas, or commercial or industrial areas within the circle, we must report that, we must simply check off that one or more such areas are within the circle. Most receptors can be identified from local street maps. We have to consider environmental receptors also. Environmental receptors are defined as natural areas such as national or state parks, forests, or monuments; officially designated wildlife sanctuaries, preserves etc.

Facilities like administrative building, guest house, process areas, utilities should be identified in the high vulnerability area and proper training need to given to persons working in the areas to protect themselves in emergency situations. The high vulnerable zones should be considered for the future development of Off-site and On-site.


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