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International Conference on Environmental Knowledge and Disaster Risk Management (ekDRM2011)
1st International Conference May 2011
Announcement and call for papers, 1st International Conference "Environment and Knowledge for Disaster Risk Management" - Delhi May 2011

Village training

Travel in flood prone areas

Training in First Aid

Repair of an escape road

Rescue by boat





Version of the 7th May 2011

with the topics of the technical contributions

Concept Note

Environmental Knowledge for Disaster Risk Managemen

International Conference - Organised under the ekDRM project by the National Institute for Disaster Management and GIZ - 10. to 11. May 2011


Scenes of the conference

International Conference - 10-11 May, New Delhi. Download your picture ...


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Full Papers

Requirments and checklist

Submission of full papers for the international conference in May 2011 - final date the 25.April 2011


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