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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and disaster risk reduction

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Disaster Riskd Reduction (DDR)
Endorsed by members of the DAC Network on Environment and Development Co-operation (ENVIRONET) at their 8th Meeting on 30 October 2008 - OECD
Glenn Dolcemascolo Technical Advisor Disaster Risk Reduction, United Nations Environment Programme. Editorial guidance was provided by Linda Ghanime (UNDP)

"There are strong inter-linkages between DRR and Climate Change as many disasters are climate related. ... For example terms such as vulnerability, mitigation, risk and land use are understood very differently within each community and terms such as no regrets measures, and adaptation frequently used by climate change experts are unheard of in DRR parlance. Therefore this advisory note is a compliment to the advisory note on SEA and Climate Change. It is aimed at DRR experts wishing to use SEA and or SEA practitioners working with DRR. It is also recommended as a useful instrument for planners and practitioners working on climate change adaptation."

An Approach Toward Environmental Hazard and Disaster Risk Management
Presentation by Avelino I. Mondlane & Dr. Mohmoud Hassanien
Environment 2003 Conference Cairo EGYPT

"Purpose of the paper is to discuss the link between environmental risk assessment and disaster risk management as main task for world sustainable development".

Bangladesh Urban Disaster Mitigation Project
IFSP, CARE-Bangladesh (2002/03 ??)

"The Rapid Environmental Assessments (REA) were conducted in both towns at location of project infrastructures to rapid assess the impact of project intervention with the community urban environment as well as to the project interventions. The assessment teams suggested mitigation measures after conducting the assessments where applicable. The recommended design changes of interventions need careful implementation and including monitoring of affectivity of interventions to improve desired environment."

Presentation: Dr. Anil Kumar Gupta - Associate Professor, National Institute of Disaster Management New Delhi
Rapid Environmental Assessment
Swedish Rescue Services Agency - 16th – 21st May 2008 - Leif Jonsson,

"This brief report provides the findings of a rapid environmental assessment conducted following Cyclone Nargis."


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