Industrial Disaster Risk Management

International Geoinformatics Research and Development Journal - Vol. 1, Issue 2, June 2010
Nair S. S. and Gupta, A. K. - National Institute of Disaster Management (Government of India)

"The selection of an industrial site involves a complex array of critical factors involving economic, social, technical, and environmental issues. Site selection is the process of finding locations that meet desired conditions set by the selection criteria. In such a process, analysis of spatial data and satisfaction of multiple criteria are essential to the success of decision-making. ... The present paper is an analysis of various information data management systems in India and a proposed approach in which Management Information Systems, Geographic information systems and Multicriteria decision making techniques are integrated systematically in solving industrial site selection problems."

Short Version of the Guidance SFK-TAA GS-1
German major Accident Commission - Technical Committee for Plant Safety

Summary of SFK/TAA GS-1: Recommendations for separation distances between establishments under the Major accidents Ordinance and Areas requiring protection within the framework of Land-use Planning - Implementation of ยง 50 Federal Pollution Protection Act"
"This guidance is a first step towards an adequate solution to the problem of determining "appropriate" separation distances."


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