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National Seminar on Climate Change and Volunteer Action NCDC

Code CLIMATE|2009|MIX|70
Short title Climate Change and Volunteer Action
Title National Seminar on Climate Change and Volunteer Action NCDC
Fields iDRM CLIMATE: Climate Change
Target Groups MIX: Mixed Group
Event Details
Date Place Details Application
Thu 19.11.2009
Fri 20.11.2009

2 Day(s)
Hotel Tuli International
Residency Road, Sadar
440001 Nagpur , Maharashrta
Phone: +91-0712-2534784-88
Fax: +91-0712-2534473

Contact Name: G.S. Saini Director NCDC
Max. participants 130
Course Fees (details) Rs. 1200/- per delegate
Target Group Sr. Government Officials at Central and State Levels dealing with Civil Defence / Disaster Management, Controllers / Dy. Controllers of Civil Defence, Chief Wardens. Sr. Managers
responsible for implementation of Industrial Civil Defence / Disaster Management in their Industries, Dy. General Managers (G) of Railways, Officers of the National Cadet Corps and Chief Executives of National / International NGO’s.
Organiser NCDC Nagpur
Institutions Involved Supported by NEERI, DMI, InWEnt and GTZ-ASEM

Build scientific knowledge base for generating awareness amongst Civil Defence Volunteers and preparing an Action Plan of remedies for the Community at Risk.

Description of contents/agenda

Impact of Climate Change has become a real and fast growing problem for our Country and the World. As urgency around the issue continues to grow, so does the scientific concern for changes in earth climate that will adversely affect future of our planet and those who inhabit it.
Climate related disasters have brought wide spread misery and huge economic losses to India adversely affecting Public health, Agriculture, Water resources and Biodiversity.
The situation is foreseen to worsen as humans continue to pump green house gases into the atmosphere without being aware of the contribution they are making for their own downfall.
Over the past decades, climate change has become one of the most heavily researched subjects in science. Moreover, in the last two years the impact has become prominently visible with an erratic monsoon creating drought in Northern India and wide spread flooding in Southern India. There may be serious differences amongst the world community on each country’s contribution to this impact but invariably it is the community members which have to bear most of the consequences.
The World to-day faces two challenges dealing with climate change, first to reduce Carbon dioxide (CO2) emission by moving to alternative technologies as early as possible and second to build community resilience to deal with recurring impact of Climate change which now have become inevitable.

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Introduction and Speakers

Topics covered

  • Global Warming and Climate Change – An Overview
  • Geophysical Impacts of Climate change in India
  • Impact of climate change on Food Supply & Agriculture
  • Climate change impact on wild life and bird species.
  • Climate change and Human health- Present and Future risk.
  • Climate change and Forest Fires – Vulnerability & Risk.
  • Political and Security Implications resulting out of climate change.
  • Higher vulnerability of Indian Population against extreme events.
  • Understanding Nature’s Climate change indicators.
  • Industry’s contribution to Climate change impact.
  • Energy sector implications and alternatives for climate change.
  • New approaches for Hazard and Risk assessment in Industry.
  • Remote Sensing Services for early Disaster warnings.
  • Need for adopting Industrial Emission Control Strategies for reducing GHg emissions.
  • India’s Corporate Sector’s search for Alternative technologies to counter climate change.
  • Community leadership for Risk Reduction and Resilience against climate change.
  • Civil Defence Volunteer Action Plan Twenty 10.

Event report and material
Extreme Weather Events and Consequences
Presentation by Dr Anil Gupta - NIDM
Definitions and Overview - Vulnerability in India - Environment, Climate and Disasters

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