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CHEMICAL DISASTER PREVENTION DAY – 2009 - A one day symposium on Prevention of Industrial / Chemical Disasters – Present Day Challenges, Climate Change and Future Strategies

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Short title Chemical Disaster Prevention Day - Bangalore
Title CHEMICAL DISASTER PREVENTION DAY – 2009 - A one day symposium on Prevention of Industrial / Chemical Disasters – Present Day Challenges, Climate Change and Future Strategies
Fields iDRM AWARE: General Awareness in iDRM
Target Groups MIX: Mixed Group
Event Details
Date Place Details Application
Fri 04.12.2009
1 Day(s)
The Capitol, Bangalore
The Capitol, Bangalore
Raj Bhavan Road
560001 Bangalore , Karnataka

Contact Name: Shri H Srinivasaiah
+91 9448382318
207 participants
Director of Factories, Boilers, Occupational Safety & Health
Max. participants 200
Course Fees (details) no fees
Target Group Executives & team leaders, Managers, Safety Officers, HR Managers of Hazardous Industries
Organiser Karnataka State Safety Institute
Institutions Involved Karnataka State Safety Institute (Department of Factories, Boilers, Industrial Safety and Health), Government of Karnataka, Disaster Management Institute, Bhopal, InWEnt, and GTZ of Germany.

To provide an opportunity for the delegates to discuss various issues in the present day context and to provide an apt platform to understand the new trends in prevention, control, the psychological fall outs, climate change, legal compliance

Expected results/impacts
  • It has kindled the motivational attitude amongst the participants, the industries in achieving objective of prevention of industrial/chemical disasters.
  • The delegates were provided with latest information in strengthening the control and mitigation mechanisms.
  • The symposium has provided an opportunity to interface and to exchange the skills and knowledge and the principles of team work.
  • The feed back from the participants is that they are immensely benefited from the presented lectures and the case studies.
  • The symposium has also provided an insight into the latest trends, avenues available before the industries enabling them to adopt the technologies to mitigate the sufferings.
  • The symposium has also initiated a linkage of climate change with chemical (industrial) disaster risk management. Climate change has irreversible impacts on chemical (industrial) disaster risk management and vice versa. The symposium initiated a long awaited debate with these two important topics for total development giving important thrust are of sustainable development.
Description of contents/agenda
Programme and Background
  • Is safety is productive or counter productive?
  • Handling/usage of hazardous chemicals - New trends in Prevention and Control
  • Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Measures- Emerging Trends
  • Fall Out of Disasters
Climate Change
Health and Psychology

Resource Persons

BANGALORE, 4-12-09

Event report and material
Icon Procedings (138KB)
Procedings Bangalore Dezeber 2009

Global Warming is caused by the build up of gases in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide and methane, which form a sort of blanket over the Earth, trapping in heat that would normally escape the atmosphere. Record levels of carbon dioxide are having a far reaching effect over our weather, sea levels and climate. Global warming is also sometimes referred to as the most dangerous happenings ever encountered. We do not know what the full affect of radical climate change will be on our environment, but we do know that even a modest rise of 2° - 3° C could have dramatic effects.
The presentation on Global Warming & Climate Change by Ajit Sonakia, IFS explains this in a simple and common man's language. It is an effort to spread awareness amongst students, administrators, policy makers and common man about the causes and effects of Global Warming on Human life. The relationship between various anthropogenic activities, its impact on climate and adaptation measures initiated by India has been explained using simplified sketches and examples. The examples of our country find prominent place in the presentation. Side by side the serious problem of water, health, social and cultural life is integrated with the issue of Global Warming and Climate Change. Giving various examples of its relation to poverty and financial crisis has also been explained.
It also explains in very simple terms how every citizen of our country and world over can help in countering this global problem of Climate Change. The presentation has been organized in various schools, colleges Training Institutes and workshops in Bhopal and other places.

Global Warming - The Current Affairs and Warnings for Future
Mr. Ajit Sonakia I.F.S.
Case Studies - Scenario
Disasters-One day Symposium on “Prevention of Industrial/Chemical Disasters at Bangaloru
Dr. S. Maruthappa – 4.12.2009
How do we have an approach to a law & choose?
H. SRINIVASAIAH - Director of Factories, Boilers, Industrial Safety & Health - Government of Karnataka
Prevention and Control of Cross Country Natural Gas Pipeline Emergencies
Discussion of Safety Issues
G. VAIDYANATHAN - Former Dy. Director General Factory Advice Service & Labour Institutes, Government of India - Now Safety Consultant & Advisor, SHE Cell, Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Disaster and Economy
G.VAIDYANATHAN - Former DY. Director General, Factory Advice Service & Labour Institutes Government of India - Now Safety Consultant & Advisor SHE Cell, Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Latest trends in Petroleum Industry
C. Sasi - Assistant Vice President - Total LPG India Limited
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