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Mock Exercise on Chemical (Industrial) Disaster in Hazira, District Surat

Code DRILL|2009|MIX|76
Short title Mock Drill Hazira, District Surat
Title Mock Exercise on Chemical (Industrial) Disaster in Hazira, District Surat
Fields iDRM DRILL: Mock Drills - iDRM
Target Groups MIX: Mixed Group
Event Details
Date Place Details Application
Sat 28.03.2009
1 Day(s)
Hazira Industrial Estate, District Surat
Hazira Industrial Estate, District Surat
District Surat , Gujarat
Phone: +91 9893250923
Fax: +91-755-2466653

Contact Name: Dr. Rakesh Dubey, Dir. DMI
Max. participants 200
Course Fees (details) none
Target Group Small, medium and large industries and district authorities, specific government and non-government institutes, General public, Personnel in the industry, fire brigade, police, medical institutions, transporters and community leaders
Officers from CPCB, SPCBs, Chief Inspectorate of Factories (CIFs), Controller of Explosives (CE), District Administration (DA), Major Accident Hazard (MAH) Industries, etc.
Organiser NDMA and DMI Bhopal
Institutions Involved District Administration, Hazira Industrial Estate, District Surat, Gujarat
  • Maintenance of calm and poise during a chemical disaster, Active role-playing during emergencies and off-Site Emergencies in accordance with the MS& IHC Rules/ CA (EPPR) Rules
  • To find differences between the Theoretical Emergency Plan and the practically existing facilities/ awareness.
Expected results/impacts


  • Enforcement and implementation about the rules and regulations for chemical disaster risk management


  • Analysis and documentation of the accidents and disasters
  • Conducting of mock-drills


  • Skill development in organising the mock-drill
Description of contents/agenda

Exposure to rules and regulations, manuals, etc., accident investigation, enforcement and monitoring of the regulatory provisions.

Event report and material
Summary of lessons learned from previous Mockdrills

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