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Exposure of European Administrative, regulatory system for chemical disasters risk management - Visit cum Exposure

Code RULES|2009|MIX|62
Short title Study tour: Administrative, regulatory system for chemical DRM
Title Exposure of European Administrative, regulatory system for chemical disasters risk management - Visit cum Exposure
Fields iDRM RULES: Rules and Regulations in iDRM
Target Groups MIX: Mixed Group

Dipl.-Biol. Peter Bank (Trainer)

Event Details
Date Place Details Application
Sun 20.06.2010
Sat 03.07.2010

14 Day(s)
Frankfurt Area
Frankfurt - Bonn - Duisburg - Bremen area
Frankfurt - Bonn - Köln

Contact Name: Peter Bank
Max. participants 15
Course Fees (details) none
Target Group The process to list Institutions to be requested to name a candidate for the study tour started in September 2009 from the following institutions:
Directorate General Factory Advice Service and Labour Institute
Regulators / CIF
Administration (responsible for chemical/industrial DRM and planning of Industrial Estates)
Training Institutions and independent trainers
Organiser InWEnt, GTZ-ASEM, DMI
Institutions Involved MoEF, ifanos concept & planning
  • Exposure to an advanced system of iDRM for On-site, Off-site and industrial estate based emergency response, control and prevention measurements including concepts mock drills
  • Learn approaches for the design of industrial estates with focus on management, infrastructure and operation procedures for prevention and first response
  • Experience and evaluation of capacity building processes for preventive measures in industries, organisations of first responders and of the civil society
  • Learn about the structure and role of fire brigades incl. the corresponding rules and processes of control
  • Discuss the regulative approaches and their implementation processes with supervisors, first responders and disaster risk managers of industries, regulating agencies and planners
  • Discuss first steps towards an institutional cooperation between India and Germany
  • Elaborate the lessons learned with respect to their relevance for the Indian context and create practical visions and innovative ideas for future implementation
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Visit cum Exposure IDRM
Expected results/impacts

After the visit and exposure, the participants

  • Know best practices and are motivated and professionally prepared to optimise planning in iDRM and for the establishment of “Disaster Management Cells” in industrial parks.
  • Are motivated and have the background knowledge to improve existing - and develop new - concepts, guidelines and regulations in preventive measures for:
      • industrial areas/parks
      • process oriented on-site measurements to prevent transport, storage and process based risks
      • integrating on-site and off-site emergency planning, especially relevant for industrial parks
  • Know a variety of best practice approaches for planning and implementation of preventive measures in different set ups for MHA industries incl. buffer zones, infrastructure requirements and operation models
  • Know mechanisms for and importance of community focused information and the inclusion of civil society and organisations into the disaster risk management plans
  • Have contacts to the responsible administration, first responders, training institutions and different Industries /industrial estates and the possibilities for future cooperation/information exchange are made
  • Have an overview of the different training programmes and approaches for first responders and disaster risk managers and can use this experience to update capacity building efforts in India
Indicators to measure success/impact
  • International input leads to a professional design of DRM-Cells in a pilot activity. The learning’s are reflected in the design of guidelines for DRM-Cells
  • “Disaster Management Cells” in industrial parks are in-stalled and considered as best practice examples
  • The input of European Training Providers are used and adapted for Indian conditions – the collected and discussed concepts, guidelines and background material is used for the design of capacity building programmes in iDRM
  • The exchange of experiences between German and Indian Institutions started
Description of contents/agenda

Visits of industrial areas:

  • Refinery
  • Complex chemical plant and participation in a “Table Top Extended Exercise” (Simulating an emergency up to the point where equipment is used
  • Steel plant (metal industry)
  • Port, Waterways and storage (Duisburg)
  • Logistic enterprise specialised on Hazardous Chemicals

Institutions and Installations for Guidance, Planning and Supervision of Disaster Risks

  • Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK)
  • State Ministry of Interior (optionally)
  • Transport Accident Information and Assistance system (TUIS) – a voluntary system of German Chemist Industry

First Responders

  • Fire Brigades (municipal and rural)
  • Medical doctor in Charge (Leitender Notarzt) - (hospital) - Local Health Agency
  • THW - Technical Response Force and one of their training centres

Training Institutions for Disaster Risk Management

  • Training Institute for Disaster Management in Aarweiler
  • Institutes of Fire Brigades
  • Training and Organisation of (rural) Fire Brigades

Event report and material
Summary report
Travel Guide Visit cum Exposure to Germany

The participant Mr. H. Srinivasaiah - Director of Factories, Boilers, Industrial Safety & Health - Government of Karnataka - summarized his messages and experience in a very interesting presentation. The presentation has 2 parts, one is the core presentation with links to a second presentation giving many details. So you have to download the 2 presentations into the same folder.

Experiences of Europe - a pragmatic approach
H. Srinivasaiah - Director of Factories, Boilers, Industrial Safety & Health - Government of Karnataka
Download with the previous presentation to the same folder!
Supplementary file for the presentation "On- and off site plans" by Mr. H. Srinivasaiah - Director of Factories, Boilers, Industrial Safety & Health - Government of Karnataka
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