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Chandigarh - Industrial Disaster Risk Management

Code AWARE|2009|MIX|74
Short title Chandigarh - On- and Off-site-iDRM-planning (1)
Title Chandigarh - Industrial Disaster Risk Management
Fields iDRM AWARE: General Awareness in iDRM
Target Groups MIX: Mixed Group

Sanjeev Verma (Speaker)

Event Details
Date Place Details Application
Thu 07.01.2010
Fri 08.01.2010

2 Day(s)
CII Bilding
Sector 31-A
Chandigarh , Punjab

Contact Name: Dr. Rakesh Dubey, Dir DMI
Max. participants 130
Target Group Administration and Regulators (25-30) and
Industrial Operators (50-60)
Organiser DMI – CD-Studies- Punjab Safety Council
Institutions Involved InWEnt, Directorate of Industrial Health and Safety

A series of the lectures have been organized by distinguished speakers in two days programme to provide information on:

  • access to information provided on web platform,
  • regulatory mechanism available in India and the state of Punjab
  • disaster mock drills,
  • risk assessment methodologies, computer modelling,
  • case studies of emergency preparedness from industries of the Punjab to show the best practices
Expected results/impacts

The participants recommended conducting such workshops twice a year.

Description of contents/agenda
  • Registration
  • Inauguration and key note address
  • Guidelines and Action plans etc by Dr. Rakesh Dubey
  • Presentation on Present scenario of chemical industrial disaster management – Dr. Rakesh Dubey
  • Presentation on (Capacity building)- Dr. Florian Bemmerlein-Lux
  • Cause for emergency preparedness- Presentations by Bhupesh H. Upadhyay (M/s Ranbaxy Lab, Mohali),
  • Mock drills and their relevance- by Dr.Brg B.K. Khanna,
  • Occupational health aspect- by Dr. Paramjit Singh (m/s Parabolic drugs Ltd),
  • Properties and Characteristics of LPG- by Prashant K Shukla, and Mr Pandey
  • Response mechanism in chemical (Industries) disaster Manager - By Shri G.S. Saini (Nagpur),
  • Off site and on site plan based on risk assessment- Dr. Rakesh Dubey,
  • Handling storage and transportation of chlorine-by Sanjeev Verma (M/s Siel, Rajpura, District Patiala)
  • Validictory session by Shri N K Wadhawan, Punjab Labour Commissioner
Icon Programme (46KB)
7 -8 Jan 2010

Kabinet Minister Department of Labour, Gov. Punjab, Mr. Dikshem Sud

Press clippings

Daily News Paper “Chandigarh Tribune”, 8th January 2010, Chandigarh

Event report and material
Icon Report (273KB)
Chandigarh Awareness Building Course 2010
Icon Present Status (2.4 MB)
Present Status of Chemical (industrial) Disaster Risk Management
Dr. Rakesh Dubey, Director DMI Bhopal
Icon HRDP Platform (2.4 MB)
iDRM - industrial Disaster Risk Management
Status of iDRM in Punjab
Sodhi Mall Jt Director- Directorate of Factories-Punjab
CHEM DIS mock exercises initiative NDMA
DR. PARAMJIT SINGH Occupational Physician
PARAbolic Drugs Ltd.
Bharat Petroleum
Mr. Prashant K. Shukla (Dy. Manager Operations)
Bharat Petroleum
Mr. Yogeh C. Pandey - Territory Co-Ordinator Sales
Hazard Incident Response Planning
Mr. G. S. Saini - Director, National Civil Defence College
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