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HRDP-ekDRM meeting – on Blended Learning, Training Management and DRM Network (NIDM)

Code HRDP|2010|ADMIN|87
Short title Delhi - Strategic Planning Meeting HRDP-ekDRM
Title HRDP-ekDRM meeting – on Blended Learning, Training Management and DRM Network (NIDM)
Fields iDRM HRDP: Human Resource Development
Target Groups ADMIN: Regulators and Adminsitration

Dr. Sandhya Chatterji (Administrator/Organiser)

Sreeja S. Nair (Speaker)

M.A. Phil P.G. Dhar Chakrabarti (Director)

Event Details
Date Place Details Application
Fri 12.11.2010
1 Day(s)
NIDM - Delhi
NIDM Buliding
New Delhi , Delhi

Contact Name: Dr. Sandhay Chatterji
2010 in cooperation with NIDM
Max. participants 15
Target Group NIDM Staff and Director
Organiser NIDM
Institutions Involved InWEnt, GTZ ASEM
Expected results/impacts

On the basis of the Concept Note, finalised in August 2010 by the Executive Director NIDM and the requirements to included training activities and workshops in the general GTZ-ASEM Operation plan 2011, the meeting had the task to define the way forward for 2011.
1. To discuss the short term work plan for the current Indian financial year (November 2010 to March 2011).
2. To discuss and agree upon a general future work plan with activities till the end of the 1. Phase of the joint project (till end of 2011)
The executive director –ED was joining the essential parts of the meeting. The results will be discussed and approved by the ED in coordination with InWEnt/GTZ-ASEM.

The main aims of the future cooperation are, according to the Concept Note:

Indicators to measure success/impact

Establishing the ekDRM Capacity Development programme

Event report and material
10.November 2010
Icon ekDRM NIDM (56KB)
Concept Note of the environmental knowledge in Disaster Risk Management project

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