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Bhopal-iDRM Final Workshop Evaluation and Planning

Code HRDP|2009|MIX|88
Short title iDRM Final Workshop Planning 2010
Title Bhopal-iDRM Final Workshop Evaluation and Planning
Fields iDRM HRDP: Human Resource Development
Target Groups MIX: Mixed Group

Dr. Sandhya Chatterji (Moderator)

Dr. Christina Kamlage (Donor)

Praveen Garg (Director)

Event Details
Date Place Details Application
Fri 03.12.2010
1 Day(s)
DMI Hostel
Paryavaran Parisar, E-5, Arera Colony, PB No. 563
462016 Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh
Phone: +91 9893250923
Fax: +91-755-2466653

Contact Name: Dr. Rakesh Dubey
December 2010
Target Group iDRM programme implementers
Organiser DMI
Institutions Involved InWEnt, GTZ-ASEM, DMI
  • Evaluate the work and achievements of the iDRM project 2008 – 2010
  • Examples of best practices
  • Planning of next steps within the EPDRM Project linking to climate change
  • DMI as a centre of excellence and its transition to a National Centre of industrial Safety and Disaster Risk Management
Expected results/impacts
  • Strength and weaknesses are discussed and formulated into a future strategy for future development of the industrial Risk Management
  • The role of Human Resource Development in the iDRM sector is formulated and strategically defined for future activities.
  • The ways to develop / strengthen International and regional networking is defined and activities planned.
  • The HRD management of training offers has a clear perspective in India
Description of contents/agenda
Icon Agenda (17KB)
DMI/InWEnt Planning WS
  • Resume of the activities in iDRM in India
  • International context and challenges in the sector
  • Tools and opportunities developed, their weaknesses and strengths
  • The way forward
Draft proposal for the way forward
Dr. R. Dubey, Dir. DMI

Left to Right: Neeraj Pandey (Content Manager), Amit Kumar Dadhich (Content Manager), Dr. Florian Bemmerlein-Lux (Sr. Advisor InWEnt , Nuremberg), Dr. Rakesh Dubey (Director DMI Bhopal), Dr. Christina Kamlage (Sr. Programme Manager, InWEnt, Bonn, Germany), Sandhya Chatterjee(Director, Ifanos, India), Huda Sultan Khan (Content Manager).

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