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Introduction to Industrial (Chemical) Disaster Management

Code IDRM|2010|ACA|105
Short title 2010-IDRM-NIDM Delhi
Title Introduction to Industrial (Chemical) Disaster Management
Fields iDRM IDRM: Disaster Managment incl On- and Off-Site Emergency Plans
Target Groups ACA: Academic - Experts, Students, Scholars

Sreeja S. Nair (Coordinator)

Event Details
Date Place Details Application
Mon 16.08.2010
Fri 20.08.2010

5 Day(s)
NIDM Delhi
National Institute of Disaster Management
Ministry of Home Affairs,

5 B, IIPA Campus, I.P Estate, Mahatma Gandhi Road
110002 New Delhi , New Delhi
Phone: 011-23702445/23702432/23705583
Fax: 011-23702446/23702442

Contact Name: Dr. A K Gupta/ Sreeja S Nair
Max. participants 35
Target Group Key Officials involved in Prevention and Mitigation of Chemical and Industrial Disasters viz. District Collectors/ADMs, Senior & Middle level Officers from Public Sector Undertakings, and Officers from the Departments of Labour, Factories & Boilers, Industries, Environment, Forests, Land-use, Urban Development, Rural Development, Agrochemicals, Fertilizers, Petroleum, Civil Defence, Health, Fire Services, NGOs and other concerned Officials.
Organiser National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM), New Delhi
Institutions Involved National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM), New Delhi,
National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) Nagpur,
National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) New Delhi,
National Safety Council (NSC) Mumbai,
National Informatics Centre (NIC) Delhi,
Alakli Manufacture Association of India (AMAI)

Objective of Training

The programme updated the knowledge and awareness level of the participants on issues related to the prevention, mitigation and preparedness for chemical (industrial) disasters. A field visit to a Major Accident Hazard Unit (Panipat Refinary) gave a practical.... .

The Objectives of Training was Duly supported by:-

* Industrial visit to a Major Accident Hazard(MAH) unit- IOCL Refinery, Panipat
* Real Thought evoking sessions covered by Power Point Presentations such as:-

Description of contents/agenda


Sub Module -1 Introduction to Chemical Disasters, Causes, Impacts and Management
Sub Module -2 Legal and Institutional Frame work for Chemical Disaster Management
Sub Module -3 Tools, Techniques and Methods in Chemical Disaster Management
Sub Module -4 Visit to an MAH Unit, Onsite Plans, Mock drill etc.
Sub Module -5 Preparedness, Response and Integration with DM Framework

Schedule 16-20 Aug 2010.doc
Day wise schedule of Industrial (Chemical) Disaster Management organised by NIDM, New Delhi
Brochure for Industrial Chemical Disaster training in NIDM

The following Gallery depicts the moments of the training of various days covering different events

Inaugural Session on 16.08.10

Group Photograph of Participants

Dr. A.K.Gupta and Sreeja S. Nair During Industrial Visit to Panipat Refinery

Interacting Session on Industrial Safety in Panipat Refinery

Closing Session by Dr. P.G.Dhar Chakrabarti, Executive Director NIDM

Certificates handing Over to Participants by Dr. P.G.Dhar Chakrabarti

Event report and material
List of participants Aug 16-20, 2010
LEGAL & STATE Provisions
PPT Reflecting the Laws and Rules regarding Industrial(Chemical) Disasters.
Risk Assessment for Chemical Disasters
Icon CAIRS (3.7 MB)
Chemical Accident Information and Reporting System (CAIRS)

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