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Training of Trainers - Tutors - Programme on Blended Learning - Environmental Statistics for DRM in India

Code HRDP|2011|ACA|141
Short title Tutors Training for Blended Learning
Title Training of Trainers - Tutors - Programme on Blended Learning - Environmental Statistics for DRM in India
Fields iDRM HRDP: Human Resource Development
Target Groups ACA: Academic - Experts, Students, Scholars

Dr. Klaus Roder (Trainer)

Sreeja S. Nair (Contact Person)

Event Details
Date Place Details Application
Mon 05.12.2011
Wed 07.12.2011

3 Day(s)
NIDM Campus, New Delhi
National Institute of Disaster Management, IP Estate
5 B- IIPA Campus, IP Estate, Ring Road
Ring Road, New Delhi - 110002 New Delhi , New Delhi
Fax: HRDP|2011|ACA|141

Contact Name: Ms. Megha Kohli
by invitation - 9:00 to 17:00
Application till 30 November 2011
Max. participants 15
Crediting Authority GIZ
Course Fees (details) no fees
Target Group Middle level faculty member(s)/ trainers
  • Blended Learning – concepts and advantages
  • The GIZ Blended-learning approach; GC21 as an e-learning and Blended-learning tool
  • Blended-learning: Best practices from GIZ and partner institutions in selected thematic fields
  • How to design a Blended-learning course
  • How to facilitate on line/ blended learning courses using various communication/ interaction tools, moderating discussion, evaluation of performance etc. Example of 'Environmental Statistics for DRM in India'

Blended Learning is a methodology that combines face to face instruction with web based training. This has the advantage of using distance learning mode for reducing both the cost and time of training and further making training adaptive to the needs and requirement of the users. The purpose of this TOT course is to enhance knowledge on how to facilitate virtual learning in Global Campus using various communication tools like discussion forums, chats, etc. to manage, organize and control virtual learning group. The focus of the present TOT course is on "Environmental Statistics for Disaster Management"'. This course would be useful for the faculty/Trainers, who would be interested in using this methodology for imparting various training programmes at the State level.

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Blended Learning
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Handbook and course material for Blended Learning

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