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Medical Operations Against Weapons of Mass Destruction for Doctors

Code AWARE|2010|ACA|100
Short title 2005-Medical Operation Against WMD
Title Medical Operations Against Weapons of Mass Destruction for Doctors
Fields iDRM MEDICAL: Medical Issues in iDRM
Target Groups ACA: Academic - Experts, Students, Scholars
Event Details
Date Place Details Application
Mon 26.09.2005
Fri 07.10.2005

12 Day(s)
NCDC Nagpur
NCDC Nagpur
440 001 Nagpur , Maharastra
Phone: 0712-2565614, 2562611, 2561772
Fax: 0712- 2565614

Contact Name: Mr. R S Chaudhari
Max. participants 30
Target Group Medical Officers, CMOs, DMOs, HSOs, Emergency Control Room Officers, Professors of various sectors.
Organiser NCDC Nagpur
Institutions Involved NCDC Nagpur, CRPF, R M L Hospital, AIIMS, Railway Department

To train Medical Officers in organizing medical operations during mass casualty incidents and providing assistance to local Emergency Responders for responding to incidents involving Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Expected results/impacts

*The participants will be able to understand the Weapons of Mass Destruction(WMD) and its associated threats.
*They can easily organize Medical Operations against WMD without hesitation.
*Trainees can also handle Care and treatment modalities involving hazardous materials.

Description of contents/agenda

* Introduction to WMD threat.
* Chemical agents and Toxicology.
* Biological agents, types and characteristics.
* Impact of Radiological emergencies.
* Chemical casualty care.
* Medical surveillance of responders.
* Introduction to Hazard Detection Devices.
* Hospital Management of nuclear casualties.
* Decontamination.
* Recovery operations.

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