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Emergency Response to Rail Transport Accidents

Code THM|2010|TRANS|102
Short title 2007-Rail Transport Accidents-NCDC Nagpur
Title Emergency Response to Rail Transport Accidents
Fields iDRM THM: Transportation of Hazardous Material
Target Groups TRANS: Transportation Sector
Event Details
Date Place Details Application
Mon 24.09.2007
Fri 05.10.2007

12 Day(s)
NCDC Nagpur
National Civil Defence College, Nagpur
Civil Lines
440001 Nagpur , Maharastra
Phone: 0712-2565614, 2562611, 2561772
Fax: 0712- 2565614

Contact Name: Mr. R S Chaudhari
Max. participants 30
Target Group Officials from Indian Railway, Commandants of NDRF, Officials of CRPF, Police Officials from various States, Civil DEfence Officials and Volunteers
Organiser NCDC Nagpur, NEERI Nagpur
Institutions Involved NCDC Nagpur, NDRF, CRPF, Indian Railways, Police Administration, Civil Defence Department

To train officers, trainers and volunteers in techniques of extrication, rescue and incident management during rail transport accident.

Expected results/impacts

On completion of the training programme the participants will be able to use extrication and rescue techniques in rail accidents bye the effective use the special rescue equipments.Participants can organize training on Management of rail accidents on the basis of the knowledge gained.

Description of contents/agenda

Course Content List
1. Assessment of Rail Assets.
2. Principles of Rescue in Rail Transport accidents.
3. Techniques of Gaining Access.
4. Extrication methodologies.
5. Rescue strategies and techniques.
6. Rescue Tools, Equipments and Accessories.
7. START Triage.
8. Scene security and salvage.
9. Volunteer First Aid and Victim Stabilization.
10. Rope Rescue Techniques.
11. Fire Hazard Safety.

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