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Chemical Emergency Planning, Preparedness and Response

Code IDRM|2009|CHEM|3
Short title 2008: Chemical Emergency Planning
Title Chemical Emergency Planning, Preparedness and Response
Fields iDRM IDRM: Disaster Managment incl On- and Off-Site Emergency Plans
Target Groups CHEM: Chemical Industries
Event Details
Date Place Details Application
Thu 08.01.2009
1 Day(s)
Bhopal, MP
Disaster Management Institute, (Housing & Environment Department, Government of MP)
E-5, Arera Colony, PB No. 563, Paryavaran Parisar,
462016 Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh
Phone: +91-755-2466715
Fax: +91-755-2466653
Participants: 15 old code: EP|2008|EP-EIE|3
Target Group State Pollution Control Boards, Factory Advice Service and Labour Institute (DGFASLI), Central Pollution Control Board and Ministry of Environment and Forests, MAH units (From Public and Private Sectors) covering Refineries and Oil Sector (Public & Private), Metallurgical (ferrous and non-ferrous), Pesticides and Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, Paper and Pulp and other related chemical sectors industries.
Organiser Disaster Management Institute
Paryavaran Parisar, E-5, Arera Colony
Bhopal- 462 016 (MP)
Tel: +91755-2466715, 2461538, 246134,
Fax: 0755-2466653
Institutions Involved DMI, GTZ- ASEM

To describe the broad framework of Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA)in Chemical Process Industries and utilisation of HIRA in emergency response.
To summarise the techniques for Chemical Process Risk Assessment and Management including models for consequence analysis, frequency estimation, etc.
Integration of environmental planning with disaster management in sitting of Industrial estates and industries
Develop capabilities for the evaluation of effectiveness of On-site and Off-site Emergency Management Planning
To address the importance of Accident investigation and root cause analysis.

Expected results/impacts
  • The following would be the success indicators of the programme:
  • Better understanding of Emergency Planning
  • Integration of HIRA, Environmental Planning with Industrial Disaster Management
  • Understand the types of information & results depicted under HIRA
  • Identifying safer & hot zones for sitting of industries through GIS and other mapping techniques
  • Understand the process for evaluation of Disaster Management plans through Mock exercises
Description of contents/agenda

Knowledge and awareness on the subject is a major requirement for foolproof Chemical/ Industrial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management. In India only limited numbers of experts are available, especially in sophisticated quantitative risk assessment techniques, hazard identification and for preparation of a user friendly and practicable On-site & Off-site Emergency Management plans to meet out the challenges of emergency preparedness, planning and response.
The program envisage the following gaps in present knowledge of the target groups and objective of this program to reduce these gaps:

  • Concepts of Environmental Planning and Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Application of Spatial Environmental Planning (SEP) in On-site and Off-site Emergency Management Planning
  • Capabilities for assessment of Hazard Identification and Quantitative Risk for different types of Chemical Process Industries by regulators
  • Integration of environmental planning with disaster management in sitting of Industrial estates and industries
  • Assessment of environmental damage by disasters & decontamination processes
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