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Introduction to the HRDP-Platform ASEM and IDRM Version 2 (hands-on) – Part 2

Code HRDP|2008|WEB|12
Short title 2008: HRDP-WEB: WEB platform version 2
Title Introduction to the HRDP-Platform ASEM and IDRM Version 2 (hands-on) – Part 2
Fields iDRM HRDP: Human Resource Development
Target Groups WEB: Web Platform Management, Editors and Authors
Event Details
Date Place Details Application
Tue 09.12.2008
Sat 13.12.2008

5 Day(s)
Delhi - GTZ office
GTZ office
21 Jor Bagh
New Delhi , Delhi

Contact Name: Florian Bemmerlein-Lux (InWEnt - GTZ-ASEM)
Max. participants 9
Credits 5
Crediting Authority InWEnt
Course Fees (details) none - by invitation
Target Group HRDP web managers from ASEM and DMI
Organiser InWEnt, GTZ-ASEM
Institutions Involved GTZ-ASEM, DMI, InWEnt
  • Provide the basic and advanced skills for WEB-Platform management for the Platform version 2↵
  • Update and upload content for and
Expected results/impacts
  • Basic and advanced authoring skills for the new and platforms are available and responsibilities are clear
  • The new features are familiar and can be used
  • Implementation processes for the new data base and the feedback tools are known and will influence future processes of HRD
Indicators to measure success/impact

Version 2 is used in future work
Contents and structure are updated
Support between ASEM platform manager and DMI managers are organised

Description of contents/agenda

1 Layout and Content
1.1 Changing the structure of the platform
1.2 Creating folders, Documents (resource and normal)
1.3 Creating and placing images and image galleries
1.4 Infoboxes
1.5 Subtopic

2 Authoring Tools
2.1 Setting properties
(1) resource
(2) normal
2.2 Moving, cut, paste, delete, edit
2.3 upload
2.4 Links
(1) internal links
(2) links to WEB and E-mail
2.5 Teasers as instrument of linking and announcements
(1) right Teaser
(2) left teaser
2.6 Project planning tool

3 Data Base
3.1 Adding Thrust Areas and Projects
3.2 Adding persons
(1) Put them as Who is Who
(2) Simple Participants
3.2.2 first steps how to handle the database

4 The concept of CCF
4.1 Structure of CCF
4.2 Necessary input form events
4.3 Filling CCF
(1) Categories for public, participants and managers with different access rights
4.4 Adding people with their function
4.5 Adding participants

5 Feedback Tools
5.1 Service Form (Questionnaire for Public)
5.2 Polls


sitting: Mr. Rahul Dixit (gtz/ASEM), Ms. Nirmal Shrivastava (DMI Bhopal), Ms. Rachna Arora (gtz/ASEM), Dr. Florian Bemmerlein-Lux (InWEnt and gtz/AESM)
standing: Mr Uttam Prasad (gtz/ASEM), Mr. Jitendra Singh (DMI Bhopal), Mr. Mukesh Kumar (DMI Bhopal), Dr. Sandhya Chatterji (InWEnt and gtz/ASEM), Ms. Priyanka Saxena (DMI Bhopal)

Event report and material
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