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Environmental Planning for Industrial Disaster Management

Code EP|2007|CPCB|52
Short title 2007: EP for Industrial Disaster Management
Title Environmental Planning for Industrial Disaster Management
Fields iDRM EP: Environmental Planning
Target Groups MIX: Mixed Group
Event Details
Date Place Details Application
Mon 19.11.2007
Fri 23.11.2007

5 Day(s)
Guesthouse DMI
Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh
Organiser DMI
Institutions Involved CPCB

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Press clippings

HT Correspondent - 20.Nov.2007

Event report and material

1. Concepts of Environmental Planning
a) Environmental Training Network: The Concepts & Background
b) Application of SEP for Disaster Risk Management with reference to Chemical/ Industrial Disasters
c) Environmental Programme of India
d) Zoning Atlas for Sitting of Industries
e) Prevention of Environmental Disasters by Environmental Planning and Land Management
f) An Eco-Industrial Estate Networking Exercise in Naroda Industrial Estate, Gujarat (India)

2. Concepts of Industrial Disaster
a) Major Industrial Hazards
b) Understanding Worst-Case & Alternate Case Scenarios in Estimation of End-point for Release of Toxic, Flammable and Explosive Material.
c) Chemical Process Quantitative Risk Analysis

3. Bhopal Gas Disaster
a) The Bhopal Disaster- Analysis
b) Bhopal Gas Tragedy- The Post Disaster Scenario

4. Emergency Planning
a) OSHA: Guidelines for Emergency Preparedness & Response
b) Emergency Planning

5. Emergency Planning: Transport Accidents
a) Management of Accidents During Transportation of Hazardous Chemicals

6. Accident Causes & Analysis
a) Actual Incidents
b) Recurring Causes of Recent Chemical Accidents

7. Chemical Disaster Management Guidelines
a) Executive Summary: National Disaster Management Guidelines for Chemical Disaster (Industrial)
b) Guidelines for Chemical Disaster Management
c) Guidelines for Transport Accidents

8. Personal Protection & Decontamination
a) Know your Personal Protective Equipment
b) First Aid: An Over View
c) Guide for Selection of Chemical and Biological Decontamination

9. Self Assessment & Communication
a) Self Assessment Tools
b) Improving Community Safety
c) Interface Management

10. Accident Investigation Reports
a) Summary of a few Accident Investigation Report

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Training Report

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