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Warning Signs

Shapes of Signs

Squares signs provide information to a audience like 'Where something is, what something is' and similar information.

Circular signs indicate an instruction that must be followed.

Triangle signs are for warning. This is used to convey DANGER. It can also provide information but is primary purpose it to quickly tell you to be aware and careful.

Warning signs
Warning signs are used to indicate the presence of hazards or hazardous materials. It recognizable as a yellow triangle with a solid black border and a black pictogram on it. signs from this category of sign include Danger signs, radiation signs, risk of drowning signs and hazardous material area signs.

Mandatory signs
Mandatory signs indicate that a specific course of action MUST be taken. These signs have white pictograms on a blue circle. Examples of this type of sign are now wash your hands signs, keep locked signs and keep this area litter free signs.

Both the mandatory and the prohibition signs provide instructions that cannot be ignored.

Instruction Signs

Information Signs
An Information Sign is a Picture that Informs the people about the purpose of a certain Object or gives them the Instruction on the use of the object

Indicative Signes

ISC - Warning Signs

ISC - Warning Signs

ICS - Information signs

Prohibition signs
The prohibition sign indicates actions that you MUST NOT do. It is recognized by the bold red circle with a diagonal bar running from the top left to the bottom right. The pictogram is displayed in black with this circle overlaying it. Examples of this sign type are No Smoking signs, Do not touch signs and No exit signs.

Fire equipment signs
Fire equipment signs are used to indicate the location of fire fighting equipment. This class of sign have white pictograms on a red square. Signs of this class include fire alarm, fire extinguisher and fire ladder signs.

Safe condition signs
This class of sign, features a white pictogram on a green square. They are used to indicate the location of emergency facilities and areas. Signs from this category include first aid signs, emergency exit signs and life jacket signs.


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