यूपी पेंशन योजना 2024 ऑनलाइन आवेदन, UP Pension Scheme नई लिस्ट

यूपी पेंशन योजना:- The UP Pension Scheme, introduced by the Uttar Pradesh government, aims to enhance the social and economic security of economically disadvantaged citizens. This initiative provides pension to elderly, disabled, and widowed residents of Uttar Pradesh. This article provides comprehensive details about the scheme, including its purpose, benefits, features, eligibility criteria, necessary documents, and application process. By reading this article, you can gain insights into how to apply for and benefit from the UP Pension Scheme, ensuring you have the necessary information to make the most of this initiative.

UP Pension Yojana 2024

The UP Pension Scheme, introduced by the Uttar Pradesh government, provides financial support to elderly, widowed, and disabled citizens. This initiative ensures that beneficiaries receive monthly pension directly into their bank accounts, enhancing their independence and reducing dependency on others. The scheme promotes social and economic security, improving the overall living standards of the state’s citizens. To qualify, applicants must have their bank accounts linked with Aadhaar and be permanent residents of Uttar Pradesh living below the poverty line. The government has allocated a budget of Rs 615518 crore, increasing the pension amount from ₹500 to ₹1000 for around 56 lakh senior citizens. This budget reflects the government’s vision for the next five years and includes various schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, Mission Shakti Abhiyan, and One District One Product, aiming to uplift the state’s economic condition.

UP Pension Yojana 2024

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UP Pension Scheme Overview

Name Of The Scheme UP Pension Scheme
Launched By Uttar Pradesh Government
Beneficiary Citizens of Uttar Pradesh
Objective Grant Pension
Official Website https://sspy-up.gov.in/
Category Govt. Scheme
Year 2024

Objective Of UP Pension Yojana

The UP Pension Scheme aims to provide financial assistance to the elderly, disabled, and widowed individuals in Uttar Pradesh. This initiative ensures direct transfer of pension amounts to beneficiaries’ bank accounts, preventing corruption and improving their financial stability. Needy citizens no longer have to rely on others, enhancing their independence and easing financial burdens.

भू नक्शा छत्तीसगढ़

Uttar Pradesh Pension Scheme Type

  • UP Old Age Pension Scheme:- The Old Age Scheme in Uttar Pradesh provides a monthly incentive of Rs 800 to senior citizens residing in the state, aiming for their welfare. The scheme’s objective is to support elderly individuals, and the incentive has been increased from Rs 750 to Rs 800 per month.
  • Up Widow Pension Yojana:- The Uttar Pradesh Widow Pension Scheme offers Rs 500 to widows in the state, lightening their financial burden. Specifically benefiting widows from certain castes, the scheme promotes economic development within disadvantaged communities.
  • Uttar Pradesh Disabled Pension Scheme:- In the Uttar Pradesh Physically Disabled Pension Scheme, beneficiaries receive Rs 500 if they have a verified disability of at least 40%. Eligibility requires confirmation of this disability by city or district hospitals or relevant authorities.

बिहार रोजगार मेला

Benefits Of UP Pension Scheme

  • The Uttar Pradesh Pension Schemes offer monthly financial assistance to senior citizens, deposited directly into their bank accounts.
  • This initiative aims to ease financial concerns for senior citizens in the state.
  • Various pension schemes are available for different categories of elderly individuals in Uttar Pradesh.

UP Pension Yojana Statistics

Pensioner Old Age Pension Scheme Widow Pension Scheme Disabled Pension Scheme
General 4.5 lakh 2.38 lakh 1.54 lakh
MIN 2.68 lakh 2.03 lakh 1.09 lakh
OBC 18.94 lakh 7.89 lakh 4.35 lakh
ASC 11.55 lakh 4.64 lakh 1.88 lakh
AST 0.1 lakh 0.01 lakh 0.003 lakh

How many beneficiaries were given UP Pension Pension?

Under this scheme in Uttar Pradesh, leprosy-affected individuals will receive a monthly pension of Rs 2500, while old age, widows, and disabled individuals will receive Rs 500 per month.

  • Old Age Pension: 4,987,054 beneficiaries
  • Destitute Pension: 2,606,213 beneficiaries
  • Disabled Pension: 1,090,436 beneficiaries
  • Leprosy Pension: 11,324 beneficiaries

महात्मा ज्योतिबा फुले

Eligibility Criteria for UP Pension Scheme

Only residents of Uttar Pradesh who belong to the below poverty line group and have a BPL certificate, economically weaker individuals, or those from backward sections of society can benefit from the UP Pension Schemes.

Note- Specific eligibility criteria vary for different pension schemes.

Required Documents

To apply for Uttar Pradesh Pension Schemes, you need the following documents:

  1. Birth/Age Certificate
  2. Identity proof (Voter ID, Aadhar card, Ration card, bank passbook)
  3. Income certificate from competent authority
  4. Husband’s death certificate (if applicable)
  5. Disability certificate (if applicable)

महाराष्ट्र रोजगार हमी

How to Apply Uttar Pradesh Pension Scheme Online 2024?

To apply for pension schemes, follow these steps:

For Old Age Pension:

  1. Visit the official website https://sspy-up.gov.in/.
  2. Click on “Old Age Pension.”
  3. Select “Apply Online” and fill personal, bank, and income details. Upload necessary documents.
  4. Confirm the declaration and click submit.

For Destitute Women Pension:

  1. Go to the scheme’s official website.
  2. Click “Widow Pension.”
  3. Choose “Apply Online,” fill details, and upload documents.
  4. Confirm the declaration and click submit.

For Disability Pension:

  1. Visit the scheme’s official website.
  2. Click “Disabled Pension.”
  3. Select “Apply Online,” provide details, and upload documents.
  4. Confirm the declaration and click submit.



UP Pension Scheme 2024 has taken an important step towards social and economic security for the citizens of Uttar Pradesh. Through this scheme, pension is being provided to old, disabled, and widowed citizens, which will help in improving their economic condition. This article provides information about the application process, eligibility, required documents and benefits of the scheme. This will help in ensuring how people can utilize this scheme and improve their financial condition.


What is UP Pension Scheme 2024?

UP Pension Scheme 2024 is a government scheme that aims to provide monthly pension to old, disabled, and widowed citizens to improve their economic condition.

Which schemes are included in this?

This scheme is for aged, disabled, and widowed citizens who are provided pension by the Government of Uttar Pradesh.

What kind of assistance does this scheme provide?

This scheme provides monthly pension, which can improve the economic condition of eligible citizens.

What documents are required in the application process?

Documents required to apply may include birth/age certificate, identity proof (such as Voter ID, Aadhar Card, Ration Card, Bank Passbook), and BPL certificate.

How to apply online?

To apply online for UP Pension Scheme, one can apply by visiting the official website. Step-by-step information on the application process is available.

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