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CIDM 2010-Conference on Chemical Disaster (Industrial) Management: Global Perspective, February 15-16, 2010, Mumbai

The Conference on “Chemical (Industrial) Disaster Management: Global Perspective” (CIDM 2010) organized during February 15-16 2010 at Mumbai jointly by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), the Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF), the Petroleum Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) and FICCI was supported by GTZ ASEM and InWEnt. The conference had large participation (over 500) covering national and international accredited organizations, industry, governmental organisations etc.

The conference was inaugurated by Mr. Subodh Kant Sahai, Minister for Food Processing Industries and Mr. Chagan Bhujbal, Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra.


The participants agreed that Disaster Risk Management especially for chemical and industrial hazards needs not only a good emergency response, but even more prevention and preparedness. Here the ongoing efforts of InWEnt for capacity building and the activities in sustainable industrial development of GTZ-ASEM fit in perfectly.

The presentations coordinated by GTZ ASEM and InWEnt included:

Dr. Rakesh Dubey, Director of the Disaster Management Institute in Bhopal, and partner of the InWEnt Project on Environmental Planning and Disaster Risk Management, gave an overview on the “National Action Management Plan of Chemical (Industrial) Disaster Management”. His Institute was recently commended as National Centre of Excellence.

– Dr. Rakesh Dubey, Director, Disaster Management Institute, Bhopal

The presentation Prof. Dr. Chr. Jochum, Director of the European Process Safety Centre and Chairman of the German Commission on Process Safety “Reducing the Risk of Chemical Clusters by Formation of Chemical Parks” as well as the presentation from N. Raghu Babu (GTZ-ASEM) “Siting & Layout of Hazardous Chemical/Petrochemical Industries/Chemical Industrial Parks” covered one of the major risks in India: the uncontrolled growth of chemical clusters.

- Mr. N. Raghu Babu, GTZ, ASEM
- Prof. Dr. Christian Jochum, InWEnt Senior Advisor, Director of European Process Safety Center, Chairman of German Commission on Process Safety

Other important aspects have been covered by speakers from Bayer Technology Service and BASF. Many interactions with participants showed that the German contributions and especially the continuous support by InWEnt and GTZ-ASEM was greatly welcomed as an effective way to improve Disaster Management in a broader sense in India.

Industrial Chemical Safety - Prof. Ludger Bruell, Bayer Technology Services Germany

Hazardous Waste Management - Dr. Juergen Porst, Advisor, GTZ ASEM, Bangalore

- Mr Felix Nitz, Technical Advisor, Environmental Management & Policy Research Institute (EMPRI), Bangalore
Integration of process safety/explosion protection and prevention within international/national BTS-projects - Mr. Konrad Brehm, Bayer Technology Services, Germany


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