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PISA Login 2024:- The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) launched the PISA CCT portal in 2009, and it has thrived ever since. PISA stands for the Programme for International Student Assessment, providing students aged 15 and above a platform to engage with peers globally. Through this portal, students can participate in online tests to assess their knowledge and skills. The primary objective of this initiative is to evaluate students’ proficiency within the contemporary education system. For further information, please refer to the following article.

Access the 2024 PISA CCT Login Portal for the CCT test Online Assessment and PISA login via http://pisa.seshagun.gov.in.

PISA Login

PISA CCT, initiated in 2009 by OECD, stands for the “program for international student assessment.” It serves as an enriching online portal aimed at fostering students’ critical thinking. Through PISA CCT, students globally gain opportunities to demonstrate their educational prowess and vie with peers.

PISA Login

Exclusively catering to students aged 15 to 16, the PISA CCT portal facilitates online test assessments. These assessments are pivotal in evaluating students’ proficiency across various subjects, notably math and science. Interested students can register for the test via the web link “http://pisa.seshagun.gov.in/“.

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PISA Login Overview

Article For PISA Login, CCT Test Online Assessment 2024 Pisa.seshagun.gov.in
Portal Name PISA – Programme for International Students Assessment
Year 2024
Category Trending
Official Website http://pisa.seshagun.gov.in/


The student selection process is highly selective, targeting only those who meet specific eligibility criteria. Participants must meet the set requirements to register for the test. The PISA portal collaborates with international schools, aiming to enhance students’ technological skills and knowledge.

A significant number of schools across India actively participate in the test, including institutions like CBSE, NVS, and KVS. This year, over 2000 schools are slated to take part in the PISA CCT test, with students exclusively utilizing the online platform. Applicants can conveniently apply through either the Diksha or CBSE website portal. While the system may be unfamiliar to some students and teachers, schools are embracing the trend and supporting students in developing critical thinking skills.

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Features of the PISA CCT Portal (http://pisa.seshagun.gov.in/)

  • The portal caters to students who are 15 years old and above.
  • PISA examinations are meticulously crafted to nurture students’ critical thinking skills.
  • Schools under the administration of UT in Chandigarh, CBSE, NVS, and KVS are eligible to participate in the test.
  • Students have the option to take the test in their local languages for better comprehension.
  • The PISA CCT test encompasses subjects such as mathematics, physics, and chemistry.
  • Teachers also have the opportunity to contribute to the assessment tests.

How to Login to PISA CCT Online Assessment Test?

  • Open the PISA CCT website through the provided web link: http://pisa.seshagun.gov.in/
  • On the homepage, scroll and click on the login button.
  • Eligible students and schools must input their username and password to proceed.
  • Enter the captcha code and select the login button.
  • Once logged in, students can access the online assessment test.
  • The test comprises various questions based on subjects, as exemplified below.

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CCT Weekly Practice Test on Diksha Mobile APP

Students interested in participating in the weekly test can download the Diksha app on their devices. Here are the steps to access the app:

  • Open the Google Play Store or App Store on your mobile device.
  • Search for the Diksha app and proceed with downloading it.
  • Install the app on your mobile phone.
  • After installation, scan the QR code to access the page.
  • The app will display the weekly test questions.
  • Select the questions you wish to attempt and proceed with the test.



In conclusion, the PISA CCT portal serves as a valuable platform for students and schools to engage in rigorous assessments aimed at enhancing critical thinking skills. With its focus on subjects like mathematics, physics, and chemistry, the portal accommodates diverse educational backgrounds and linguistic preferences, fostering inclusivity and accessibility. Through collaborative efforts between students, teachers, and educational institutions, the PISA CCT initiative not only facilitates academic growth but also encourages a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Moreover, the availability of the weekly practice test on the Diksha mobile app further augments the learning experience, providing students with additional opportunities to hone their skills. As we continue to embrace digital advancements in education, platforms like PISA CCT play a pivotal role in shaping the future of learning and assessment.


What is PISA?

PISA stands for Program for International Student Assessment, initiated by the OECD. It's an internationally recognized program aimed at evaluating and improving education systems worldwide.

What is the CCT Test Online Assessment?

The CCT (Critical Thinking Test) Online Assessment is a component of the PISA program designed to gauge students' critical thinking abilities in subjects like mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

Is PISA exam useful?

The assessments are crafted to evaluate students' ability to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios upon completing compulsory education, enabling them to actively engage in society. PISA data equips governments with a potent instrument to inform their policy-making endeavors.

Where can I find practice tests for the CCT Test?

Practice tests for the CCT Test are available on the Diksha mobile app. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store and access the weekly practice tests.

What is the IQ score for the PISA test?

PISA scores can be seamlessly transformed into IQ points utilizing standard deviations (100 for PISA, 15 for IQ, i.e., 6.5 to 1 ratio). By establishing 6.5 PISA points as equivalent to 1 IQ point, PISA 435 corresponds to an IQ of 90, PISA 500 represents an IQ of 100, PISA 565 signifies an IQ of 110, and so forth.

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