Akio Morito co Founder Of Sony, The failure to success story

Akio Morito co Founder Of Sony- Akio Morita, a Japanese money manager and co-founder of Sony, has taught people that failures are an essential part of success. Today, Sony is known as a digital electronics powerhouse, but this achievement didn’t happen overnight. It was marked by numerous challenges and obstacles. Akio invested a lot of effort and hard work to realize his dreams and passions. The failures he encountered provided valuable lessons. He once said, “Success has many parents, failure is an orphan.” This is very true, as people often don’t discuss their failures, but Akio was proud to share his experiences of failure with the world.

Akio Morito co Founder Of Sony

“Made in Japan” is the story of Akio Morito, a scientist who played a crucial role in revitalizing Japan’s technology and economy after the devastation of World War II. During the war, a team of scientists and engineers, including Morito, worked on improving thermal-guidance weapons and night vision gunsights to aid in the war effort. However, Morito recognized that the war was already lost.

The turning point came when the United States dropped a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima, making it clear that Japan had lost the war and highlighting how technologically behind they were. Akio Morito realized that if Japan wanted to catch up with America, it would take at least 20 years of technological development, provided they worked diligently at an accelerated pace.

Akio Morito co Founder Of Sony

Akio Morito co Founder Of Sony Overview

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Akio Morito’s Early Failures Story

Akio Morito was born in Japan in 1921, and as the eldest child in the family, he was expected to take over the family business, which involved brewing vinegar and soy sauce. This business had been passed down for several generations. However, Akio Morito had different aspirations. His passion for electronics drew him towards building his own empire.

Together with Masaru Ibuka, he founded the now successful electronics company Sony. They initially started their venture in the basement of a department store. Their first product idea, a slow rice cooker, turned out to be a major failure. It not only consumed a lot of rice but also posed difficulties in sourcing materials. At that time, Sony’s technology was quite primitive, and they claimed that their rice cooker produced delicious rice, which was a rarity.

However, this project turned out to be a “significant failure” for Akio Morito and his partner, Masaru Ibuka, as they could sell only a few units, less than 100. Nevertheless, they didn’t let this setback discourage them. They worked harder and came up with more innovative ideas. World War II posed challenges due to material shortages, but Morito persevered through these difficulties with determination and hard work.

Akio Morito success Story

Due to a lack of materials, Akio went to great lengths to obtain mimeograph paper, which he cut into strips using sharp tools. He used these materials to create Sony’s very first recording device, marking a significant breakthrough for the company. He continued to innovate, leading to the creation of the world’s first portable radio.

Finding distributors for these products was the next challenging step, but Akio didn’t lose heart. He worked tirelessly to sell his products and eventually achieved great success. His driving force was his passion, and he achieved significant success. The company continued to introduce newer innovative devices and soon became a digital powerhouse. As Akio puts it, “Our goal is to lead the public with new products rather than ask them what kind of products they want. The public doesn’t know what is possible, but we do.” His confidence and dedication have been his greatest assets in achieving success.

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The Era Of Digital Music By Sony

Once Sony established itself in the radio and television industry, it decided to expand into the world of music. They partnered with CBS Inc. to create CBS Sony Records, where they produced vinyl records and introduced the first Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) in 1971. Sony’s pioneering VCR technology even earned them an Emmy award for excellence. This strategic move was led by Norio Ohga, who had previously worked for Opera and had criticized Sony’s early tape recorder. The company recognized his critical thinking as an asset and later appointed him as the president and chairman of Sony.

In 1988, Sony acquired all the shares of CBS Sony Records, becoming its sole owner. Through collaborations with renowned artists like Michael Jackson, Sony has become the world’s largest music publisher, generating annual revenues of up to $3.2 billion today.

Life lessons from Akio Morito’s life

Akio Morita’s story demonstrates perseverance. He had unwavering confidence in his abilities and never backed down, despite facing numerous failures and challenges. He pushed through all the setbacks and continued to invest in his endeavors. One important lesson from Akio’s life is to never give up. Your hard work and dedication are bound to yield results. So, keep chasing your dreams and never compromise on your passion.

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In conclusion, Akio Morita’s life story is a testament to determination, innovation, and resilience. Despite facing failures and obstacles, he persevered, trusted in his abilities, and worked tirelessly to achieve his goals. His journey from humble beginnings to co-founding Sony and pioneering groundbreaking products serves as an inspiration to all. The key takeaway from his life is to never give up, stay dedicated to your dreams, and have unwavering faith in your abilities. Akio Morita’s legacy continues to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide.


How did Akio Morita succeed?

Morita understood that to successfully sell to Americans, he needed to understand their lifestyle and culture better. So, he actively built a strong and valuable network of contacts by socializing and hosting parties during the week. This practice became a consistent part of his career.

What is Akio Morita famous for?

Morita Akio, born on January 26, 1921, in Nagoya, Japan, was a Japanese businessman. He co-founded Sony Corporation, a globally recognized manufacturer of consumer electronics products. Morita served as the chief executive officer from 1971 and chairman of the board from 1976 until 1994. He passed away on October 3, 1999, in Tokyo.

Who is Akio Morita and what is his significance to the world of music?

Akio Morita (1921-1999) was a co-founder of Sony Corporation and a key figure in the company's history. He was renowned as an electronic innovator who revolutionized how the world experienced music, movies, TV, and games through Sony's products.

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