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प्रेरणा पोर्टल यूपी:- In an era where technology is transforming various aspects of our lives, it’s no surprise that the field of education is also leveraging digital platforms to reach new heights. The Uttar Pradesh government has taken a significant step in this direction with the introduction of the “Prerna Portal.” This innovative platform is designed to streamline the education system in the state, making it more accessible and efficient for students, teachers, and parents alike. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the Prerna Portal in detail, covering topics such as registration, login procedures, features, and the overall impact on education in Uttar Pradesh.

Mission Prerna Portal

Uttar Pradesh government has created Prerna Portal UP to improve the level of its education department and give respect to teachers. Through this portal, the skills of students of classes 1 to 5 studying in 1.6 lakh government schools will be improved. The main objective of the government is to improve the skill development of children as well as their basic mathematics skills as the brain of children develops during their early education. Under Mission Prerna Portal prernaup.in, the target is to have 80% of government school children in the state complete their foundation learning goals by March 2022, as per development block, district and division.

Prerna Portal UP

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Prerna Portal UP Overview

Name Of Portal Mission Prerna Portal
launched By Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath
Beneficiary Students studying in government primary schools of the state
Objective Improving the quality of elementary education
Year 2024
State Uttar Pradesh
Category Trending
Official Website https://prernaup.in/

Understanding the Prerna Portal

The Prerna Portal is an ambitious initiative launched by the Uttar Pradesh government to revolutionize the education sector in the state. The name “Prerna” itself conveys the essence of this project, which means “inspiration” in Hindi. This portal aims to inspire positive changes in the education landscape by integrating technology and data-driven solutions.

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Mission Prerna: The Objectives

The key objectives of the Prerna Portal are as follows:

  • Transparency and Accessibility: To provide a transparent and easily accessible platform for students, parents, and educators to access information related to education.
  • Efficient Scholarship Distribution: To streamline the distribution of scholarships and financial aid to eligible students.
  • Digital Records: To maintain digital records of students’ educational progress, ensuring data accuracy and easy retrieval.
  • Teacher Empowerment: To equip teachers with digital tools and resources that enhance their teaching methods and effectiveness.
  • Parental Engagement: To involve parents actively in their children’s education by providing them with insights into their academic performance.

Prerna Portal Features

  • Scholarship Management: One of the primary functions of the Prerna Portal is the efficient management and distribution of scholarships. Eligible students can apply for scholarships through the portal, and the system ensures that funds are disbursed promptly.
  • Student Records: The portal maintains comprehensive digital records of students, including their academic progress, attendance, and other relevant information. This feature aids in monitoring and improving students’ performance.
  • Teacher Support: Educators benefit from the Prerna Portal as well, with access to a wealth of teaching resources, training modules, and tools that enhance their teaching methods and overall effectiveness in the classroom.
  • Parental Engagement: Parents can actively participate in their child’s education journey by accessing real-time updates on their academic performance, attendance, and other critical data through the portal.

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Prerna Portal Registration Process

  • Visit the Prerna Portal: To begin your journey with the Prerna Portal, visit the official website at prernaup.in.
  • Click on New Registration: On the homepage, you will find a “New Registration” option. Click on it to initiate the registration process.
  • Choose Your User Type: Select your user type from the available options, which may include “Student,” “Parent,” or “Teacher.” Each category has its unique features and access privileges.
  • Provide Required Information: Fill in the necessary information, including your name, mobile number, email address, and other details as prompted.
  • Create a Username and Password: Choose a username and a strong password for your Prerna Portal account. Ensure that your password meets the specified security requirements.
  • Complete the Registration: After filling in all the required details, click the “Register” button to complete the registration process.
  • Verify Your Email or Mobile Number:  You may be required to verify your email address or mobile number through a verification code sent to your registered email or mobile number.

How To Login Prerna Portal Online?

Once you have successfully registered, you can log in to your Prerna Portal account. Here’s how:

  • Visit the Prerna Portal: Go to the official Prerna Portal website at prernaup.in.
  • Click on Login: On the homepage, you will find a “Login” option. Click on it to access the login page.
  • Enter Your Username and Password: Enter the username and password you created during the registration process.
  • Click Login: Click the “Login” button to access your Prerna Portal account.

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The Prerna Portal in Uttar Pradesh is a shining example of how technology can transform the education sector. It empowers students, parents, and teachers with tools and resources that enhance the learning experience and streamline administrative processes. By promoting transparency and efficiency, the portal contributes to the overall improvement of the education system in the state. The government’s mission with Prerna is to inspire positive change in education, and it has taken a significant step in achieving this goal. As technology continues to advance, initiatives like the Prerna Portal pave the way for a brighter future where education is accessible, efficient, and tailored to the needs of every learner. This portal not only simplifies administrative tasks but also nurtures a culture of collaboration and engagement among all stakeholders in education.


What is the Mission Prerna Portal in Uttar Pradesh?

The Mission Prerna Portal is an initiative by the Uttar Pradesh government to enhance the quality of education and support teachers in the state's government schools.

Who can register on the Prerna Portal?

Students, parents, and teachers can register on the Prerna Portal to access its features and benefits.

How can I register on the Prerna Portal?

To register, visit the official portal prernaup.in, choose your user type (student, parent, or teacher), provide your details, and create a username and password.

What are the benefits of registering on the Prerna Portal for students?

Students can access learning resources and improve their math skills using the portal. It also provides a transparent platform for tracking their progress.

How can I log in to my Prerna Portal account?

To log in, visit prernaup.in, click on Login, enter your username and password, and click Login.

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