Bhutan State Lottery Result 2024, Winner List, Check Who Won Today

Bhutan State Lottery Result 2024:- The Bhutan state conducts a weekly state lottery, and today is dedicated to the Bhutan Kanchenjunga Lottery. The lottery results for the 11:55 AM draw are now available on the official Kanchenjunga paper website, Citizens who have purchased lottery tickets can check the results for this particular draw.

While the results for the 11:55 AM draw are out, the other two Bhutan lottery results for today, scheduled for 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM, are yet to be released. Those who have tried their luck and purchased lottery tickets can check the Bhutan Lottery 2024 Result. Keep an eye out for the other two Lottery results, which will be published on the official website at the specified times above.

Bhutan State Lottery Result

Lottery draws are organized three times a day in the morning, evening, and night, providing people with multiple chances to try their luck. Winners receive cash prizes based on their lottery ticket category, such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on. The first lottery result has already been announced on the official website, while the other two results are pending and will be released at their designated times. We will provide you with comprehensive details about the Bhutan State lottery result, so stay connected to this page and read the article until the end.

Bhutan State Lottery Result

For Bhutan Lottery enthusiasts, we wish you a pleasant morning! In this article, we are sharing the 11:55 AM Bhutan Lottery result for today. It’s an auspicious day for lottery fans. Simply purchase a Kanchenjunga Thangam Morning Bhutan lottery ticket, wait for the lottery announcement at 12:10 PM, and log on to the Bhutan Lottery website. Lucky Win Lottery Result Today.

Bhutan State Lottery Result Overview

Article Name Bhutan State Lottery Result Today – Live, Kanchenjunga Lottery Result
Date of the Result
Draw name Morning, evening, night
Year 2024
Article Category Trending
Lottery Name Bhutan State Lottery
Result timings 11:55 AM, 4:00 PM, 8:00 PM
State Bhutan
Official website

Significance of Bhutan State Lottery

The Bhutan State Lottery holds a special place in the hearts of Bhutanese citizens, as it serves as a means to fund various social and developmental projects across the country. The proceeds generated from the lottery contribute to education, healthcare, infrastructure, and other essential services, aligning with Bhutan’s commitment to holistic well-being.

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Bhutan State Lottery

In today’s world, everyone seeks happiness and stress-free living, often tied to financial stability. One way to potentially gain money without extensive effort is through Bhutan Lotteries. By purchasing a Bhutan Lotteries ticket, you stand a chance to win, with results announced at 11:55 AM during Kanchenjunga Nallaneram Morning. Some individuals invest their funds in uncertain ventures, risking both money and time. If you’re contemplating starting a new business and lack proper estimates, worry not, as detailed information can be found here.

Lottery Sambad, a popular lottery game in India, allows you to purchase a ticket for just 5 rupees. The Bhutan Lottery result is eagerly awaited, and if luck is on your side, you could win a substantial amount of money. While lotteries are viewed differently by different people, they undeniably prompt individuals to test their luck. Lotteries involve setting aside a specific amount for the prize pool. Bhutan state departments regulate the sale and purchase of lotteries, and the generated funds contribute to various national initiatives, as well as addressing the essential needs of the population.

Lottery Cash Prize

  • 1st: Rs.10,000
  • con. prize Rs.2000
  • 2nd: Rs.9500
  • 3rd: Rs.9000
  • 4th: Rs.600
  • 5th: Rs.300
  • 6th: Rs.130

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Process To Get Bhutan State Lottery Result?

Those who have purchased Bhutan lottery tickets often visit the official website,, to check the results. The Bhutan lottery result has been announced, and you can now easily verify your ticket on the official website. If you encounter any issues, follow the instructions below:

  • Visit the official website of Kanchenjunga e-paper:
  • Once on the website, navigate to the main page.
  • Look for the Bhutan State lottery result link and click on it.
  • You will find three lottery ticket results available.
  • Choose the Bhutan lottery 2024 result link corresponding to the time of the draw, such as the morning result.
  • The result will be displayed, allowing you to match your number from the lottery ticket.
  • Optionally, you can download the lottery result and keep it for your records.

Following these steps will help you easily check the Bhutan lottery 2024 result.

Lottery Ticket Purchase and Draw Schedule

Enthusiasts eagerly purchase Bhutan State Lottery tickets, eagerly awaiting the announcement of results that could potentially transform their lives. The lottery draw is typically held on a regular schedule, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement among participants. The draw schedule is usually widely publicized, allowing participants to mark their calendars for this thrilling event.

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Prize Categories

Bhutan State Lottery offers a range of prize categories, catering to different levels of luck and fortune. The prizes vary in amount, with some lotteries featuring substantial jackpot prizes that could be life-changing for the fortunate winners. The excitement is not limited to the top prize; secondary prizes also bring joy to numerous participants, making the lottery results announcement a highly anticipated moment.

Check Bhutan State Lottery Names 2024

Days First Shift 11:45 AM Second Shift 4:00 PM Third Shift 8:00 PM
Monday Kanchenjunga Nallaneram Morning Kanchenjunga Super day Kanchenjunga Queen evening
Tuesday Kanchenjunga Kumara Morning Kanchenjunga Delux day Kanchenjunga Start Evening
Wednesday Kanchenjunga Vishnu Morning Kanchenjunga Rose day Kanchenjunga King Evening
Thursday Kanchenjunga Thangam Morning Kanchenjunga Sincere day Kanchenjunga Lucky Evening
Friday Kanchenjunga Parrot Morning Kanchenjunga Silver day Kanchenjunga Glamour Evening
Saturday Kanchenjunga Peacock Morning Kanchenjunga Gender day Kanchenjunga Venus Evening
Sunday Kanchenjunga Bulbul Morning Kanchenjunga Benefit day Kanchenjunga Power Evening

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The Bhutan State Lottery is not just a game of chance; it is a powerful tool for positive social change. As participants eagerly await the results, they understand that their involvement goes beyond personal gain, contributing to the overall well-being of Bhutanese society. The lottery, with its unique blend of excitement and altruism, continues to be a symbol of hope and a testament to Bhutan’s commitment to holistic development.


When are the Bhutan State Lottery draws held?

The Bhutan State Lottery draws are held regularly, with specific timings for morning, afternoon, and evening sessions.

How can I check the Bhutan State Lottery Result?

You can check the Bhutan State Lottery Result on the official website,, where the results are usually posted.

What are the different timings for Bhutan Lottery results today?

The Bhutan Lottery results are typically announced at different times during the day, such as 11:55 AM, 4:00 PM, and 8:00 PM.

Can I check Bhutan Lottery results for free?

Yes, checking Bhutan Lottery results on the official website is usually free of charge.

How do I claim my prize if I win in the Bhutan State Lottery?

Specific instructions for claiming prizes are often provided on the official website. Winners may need to follow a verification process to claim their prizes.

Can I buy Bhutan Lottery tickets online?

The availability of online ticket purchase may vary. Participants should check with authorized sellers or the official website for more information.

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