Diesel Price Today State Wise List 2024, Diesel Rates in My City, How to Check Diesel Latest Rate?

Diesel Price Today:- Diesel rates in India are updated daily at 06:00 a.m. to ensure that even the slightest change in global oil rates is reflected in the prices for customers and dealers. The cost of diesel includes factors like excise duty, value-added tax (VAT), and dealer commission. VAT rates vary from state to state. After adding excise duty, dealer commission, and VAT, the selling price of diesel increases. There are several factors that influence diesel prices, such as the exchange rate between the rupee and the US dollar, the global crude oil prices, market demand, and more. When international crude oil prices rise, diesel prices in India also increase.

Diesel Price In India Today

The diesel rate at fuel pumps is determined by the market and is set by public sector oil marketing companies (OMCs) like Bharat Petroleum, Indian Oil, and Hindustan Petroleum. The pricing is managed by the Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell (PPAC) under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. Diesel prices, similar to petrol prices, are updated daily, and the changes take effect at 06:00 a.m. each day.

Diesel Price In India Today

Interestingly, in India, as in many other countries, the base price of diesel is higher than petrol. Due to different tax structures at the central and state levels, diesel prices in the country have traditionally remained lower than petrol. Diesel has been cheaper than petrol because it is used by farmers and transportation fleets, including trucks and buses. The lower diesel prices aim to reduce the financial burden on farmers and fleet operators. Globally, diesel is considered the more expensive auto fuel due to its higher production costs.

Diesel Rate Today Details

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About Diesel

Diesel is a fuel commonly used to power various vehicles and machines, including buses, boats, trains, and construction equipment. It has been a reliable source of energy for diesel engines for a considerable time. One of the advantages of diesel is its eco-friendly nature, as it produces minimal emissions that can harm the environment. Diesel fuel is typically a mixture of hydrocarbons, with boiling points ranging from 150 to 380 degrees Celsius. Petroleum crude oil, the source of diesel fuel, contains three major classes of hydrocarbons: naphthenic (cycloparaffinic), paraffinic, and aromatic hydrocarbons.

Diesel Price Record On State Wise

StateDiesel PriceChange
Andhra Pradesh98.27 ₹/L-7.38
Assam83.94 ₹/L0.00
Bihar94.04 ₹/L0.00
Chhattisgarh95.44 ₹/L0.00
Gujarat92.06 ₹/L0.00
Haryana90.20 ₹/L0.00
Himachal Pradesh83.36 ₹/L+0.14
Jammu And Kashmir85.15 ₹/L+0.11
Jharkhand94.61 ₹/L0.00
Karnataka87.49 ₹/L0.00
Kerala94.84 ₹/L0.00
Madhya Pradesh93.93 ₹/L0.00
Maharashtra95.59 ₹/L0.00
Odisha94.76 ₹/L0.00
Punjab85.71 ₹/L0.00
Rajasthan93.72 ₹/L0.00
Tamil Nadu94.71 ₹/L0.00
Telangana97.82 ₹/L0.00
Uttar Pradesh89.71 ₹/L0.00
Uttarakhand90.29 ₹/L+0.03
West Bengal92.76 ₹/L0.00
NCT Of Delhi89.62 ₹/L0.00

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How is the Current Diesel Price in India Calculated?

Diesel rates in India are influenced by various factors. One of these factors is the average price of crude oil in the Indian basket, to which different taxes like value-added tax and central excise are added. Currently, the government imposes an excise duty of Rs 21 per litre, and if this is reduced, it could provide some relief from the high petrol and diesel prices in the market. The value-added tax varies from state to state, and cities like Mumbai and New Delhi have higher tax rates, resulting in higher petrol and diesel prices.

In India, oil marketing companies determine the retail rates, taking all these factors into account. For example, the Indian Oil Marketing Firm sets the diesel rate in India today at 6 am, which is then updated at petrol pumps across the country. Private petrol pumps like Shell have their own pricing, which may be higher compared to companies like Indian Oil, BPCL, and HPCL.

How to Check Diesel Price in India today?

To check diesel prices in India, there are a few popular methods. One way is to send an SMS with the appropriate code to the designated number. For example, if you’re at an HPCL pump, you can send an SMS with the HP Price Dealer Code to 9222201122.

  • For Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), you can send an SMS with the Type: RSP DEALER CODE to 9224992249.
  • Another option is to go online and visit various portals that provide daily fuel prices.
  • It’s important to remember that Indian Oil, the largest fuel retailer in the country, updates fuel rates daily at 6 AM.
  • So you can check the live diesel price each day after this time.
  • Additionally, it’s worth noting that the supply of fuel is primarily handled by government-owned oil refining companies like Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, and HPCL.
  • There are also private retailers like Shell, which may offer fuel at slightly higher prices.

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In conclusion, keeping track of the diesel price is important for individuals and businesses alike. The diesel rate today can vary across different states in India, and it is essential to stay informed about the rates in your city. Checking the latest diesel rate is relatively easy with the availability of multiple methods. One can check the diesel price through SMS services provided by oil marketing companies like Bharat Petroleum, Indian Oil, and Hindustan Petroleum. Additionally, online portals and official sources such as the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas can provide up-to-date information on diesel rates. By staying informed, individuals can make informed decisions and manage their expenses effectively.


What is diesel price in India today?

This can be a difficult question to answer, as the diesel price in India changes frequently and depends on a variety of factors including the international market prices, the supply and demand situation in India, and the current taxation policies in India.

How to check diesel rate in India?

To get the indicative prices of Petrol/Diesel in your city/town for the day, kindly SMS RSP Dealer Code of Petrol Pump to 92249 92249. For example, SMS “RSP 102072” to 92249 92249 for petrol and diesel prices in Delhi.

Where is diesel used most?

Diesel engines in trucks, trains, boats, and barges help transport nearly all products people consume. Diesel fuel is commonly used in public buses and school buses.

How many types of diesel fuel are there?

There are three main types of diesel fuel options: Diesel #1 (or 1-D), Diesel #2 (or 2-D), and biodiesel. Diesel #1 and Diesel #2 are the standard types of diesel fuel. Biodiesel, on the other hand, is a fuel made primarily from agricultural materials. These three types of diesel fuel offer different characteristics and may be used in various applications.

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