नेशनल करियर सर्विस पोर्टल पंजीकरण 2024, National Career Service Login & Registration

नेशनल करियर सर्विस पोर्टल:- Today, we’ll discuss the registration process for the National Career Service Portal and guide you on how to log in. In India, where unemployment is a significant concern, Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated the National Career Service Portal. The primary goal is to enable unemployed youth to register on the portal and secure jobs matching their qualifications. It’s an initiative by the Central Government to inform and assist the unemployed population. Many individuals are still unaware of the National Career Service Portal, so it’s crucial for unemployed youth to register. This ensures that they receive timely notifications about job opportunities aligned with their qualifications.

National Career Service Portal 2024

The National Career Service Portal is a platform where individuals can secure jobs by registering at the career center. It offers guidance from career counselors who help unemployed individuals acquire skills through career-building courses. The portal consolidates various job categories in one place, assisting both job seekers and companies looking for workers. Additionally, the portal provides access to training related to specific professions through ncs.gov.in, making it essential for individuals to register on the National Career Service Portal.

National Career Service Portal 2024

National Career Service Portal Overview

Portal Name National Career Service Portal
Department Ministry of Labor and Employment
Year 2024
Objective To help the unemployed find employment
Category Sarkari Yojana
Official Website www.ncs.gov.in

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Objective Of National Career Service Portal

The National Career Service Portal aims to assist unemployed individuals in finding jobs. It serves as a platform where job seekers can connect with employers, and individuals can access training to enhance their job opportunities. Notably, the portal facilitates access to both government and private job opportunities.

List of stakeholders of National Career Service Portal

  • job seekers
  • employer
  • Consultant
  • Career Center
  • skill provider
  • placement companies
  • government organization

Features of National Career Service Portal Registration

  • The standout feature of this portal is its ability to connect you with jobs in your area of expertise—all you need to do is register.
  • It’s not just beneficial for the unemployed; companies seeking specific staff can also find suitable candidates through the National Career Service Portal.
  • This portal is inclusive, catering to people of various professions, including plumbers, electricians, and masons.
  • Regardless of education level, individuals skilled in different trades can register.
  • The National Career Service Portal includes around 200 million people and about 800,000 companies and government institutions providing employment opportunities.

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Benefits Of National Career Service Portal

  • The National Career Service Portal offers several benefits.
  • The key advantage is that registration is free of charge, eliminating the need for any financial commitment.
  • To ensure authenticity, registrations are linked to Aadhaar.
  • The portal provides training opportunities for interested individuals and offers career counseling for students.
  • Both private and public sector employers are part of the National Career Service Portal, broadening job opportunities.
  • The registration process is simple—visit the website, create an account, choose your preferred category, and complete the registration.

Following features released on National Career Service Portal

  • job applicant
  • employer
  • local service provider
  • Career Center
  • Consultant
  • training institute
  • placement organization
  • government department
  • reports and documents

Approximately 20 million individuals registered with employment exchanges will join the portal. Simultaneously, around 900,000 companies and institutions offering employment will also be integrated into the platform.

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National Career Service data (month-wise)

Month Active job seeker Active Employer Active Vacancies
January 2022 01,36,54,615 01,78,398 01,46,235
December 2021 01,34,71,034 01,75,037 01,73,713
November 2021 01,32,44,615 01,72,093 01,69,561
October 2021 01,18,44,418 01,70,844 01,57,045
September 2021 01,01,49,686 01,68,266 01,56,834
August 2021 90,30,177 01,62,878 01,85,738
July 2021 99,59,454 01,56,238 01,47,603
June 2021 98,38,457 01,50,678 01,37,004
May 2021 97,22,773 01,44,670 01,78,703
April 2021 01,01,36,717 01,38,823 01,40,299
March 2021 01,04,23,598 01,31,479 01,43,515
February 2021 01,04,54,069 01,23,490 01,05,298
January 2021 01,05,21,960 01,13,380 73,699
December 2020 01,03,42,175 01,00,242 75,584
November 2020 01,02,50,523 67,811 90,372
October 2020 01,03,45,064 57,715 83,548
September 2020 01,03,62,778 57,325 01,73,379
August 2020 01,02,93,626 56,836 01,94,246
July 2020 01,03,25,909 56,250 1,79,903
June 2020 01,03,10,058 55,319 1,85,920
May 2020 1,01,19,825 53,760 1,60,429
April 2020 1,15,19,206 53,915 1,82,390
March 2020 1,08,93,950 53,216 2,51,240
February 2020 1,10,02,872 52,843 3,13,250
January 2020 10,511,280 52,233 3,30,423
December 2019 10,326,653 51,785 3,91,209
October 2019 10,155,146 26,174 3,20,103
September 2019 10,568,195 7,869 3,29,156
August 2019 10,451,847 7,436 3,99,408
July 2019 10,311,407 6,839 3,93,808
June 2019 10,241,982 6,316 4,07,045

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How to Apply for National Career Service Portal Online?

To register on the National Career Service Portal, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official NCS website https://www.ncs.gov.in/.
  • On the homepage, enter your email ID and create a password to log in.
  • Once logged in, select “New Registration.”
  • Choose your registration type.
  • Read and fill out the form with information relevant to your profession.
  • After completing the form, click the submit button.
  • You will receive email notifications about job opportunities matching your profession.

Process to Login & Registration on the portal

  • Visit the National Career Service Portal’s official website https://www.ncs.gov.in/.
  • Once there, enter your username and password in the login section on the homepage.
  • Click on the “Sign In” option to access the portal.

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In conclusion, the National Career Service Portal Registration in 2024 provides a crucial avenue for Indian youth to address unemployment. With the user-friendly login and registration process, the portal becomes an essential tool for job seekers. Spearheaded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, its mission aligns with the Central Government’s objective to connect individuals with employment opportunities. Aspiring candidates should take advantage of this initiative, ensuring they register to receive timely updates on job openings that match their qualifications and contribute to their career advancement.


What is the National Career Service Portal Registration 2024 all about?

The National Career Service Portal Registration in 2024 is an initiative to address unemployment in India by providing a platform for individuals to register and connect with job opportunities.

How can I register on the National Career Service Portal in 2024?

To register, visit the official portal, complete the registration process by providing required details, and create an account.

What information do I need to provide during the registration process?

You may be required to provide personal and educational details during the registration process.

How can I log in to the National Career Service Portal?

Log in by entering your username and password on the portal's official website.

What benefits does the National Career Service Portal offer to job seekers?

The portal provides access to job opportunities, career counseling, and training programs tailored to individual needs.

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