UP Bhu Naksha Check 2024 उत्तर प्रदेश भू नक्शा ऑनलइन चेक कैसे करें

UP Bhu Naksha Check:- A land map is a crucial document for landowners, providing them with ownership rights and essential details about the land, such as area, account holder’s name, and other specifics. To streamline this process, the Uttar Pradesh government has moved this important document online.

Now, residents of the state can save time and money by easily accessing and checking the land map for their properties like houses, plots, farms, and offices online. Previously, citizens had to visit Patwari, Tehsil, or government offices, resulting in significant time and money wastage. The online availability of UP land maps is a considerable relief provided by the state government.

UP Bhu Naksha 2024

The Uttar Pradesh government has successfully digitized land maps for nearly all districts, blocks, and villages, accessible on the upbhunaksha.gov.in portal. This online service, initiated on May 2, 2016, allows residents and landowners to effortlessly check and download Uttar Pradesh land maps within minutes. A notable advantage is that citizens can access and download land maps from the comfort of their homes, entirely free of charge. The online availability of land maps enhances security, reducing land-related disputes and preventing fraudulent land sales. Landowners are experiencing positive changes in land conservation practices throughout the state.

UP Bhu Naksha Check 2024

UP Bhu Naksha Overview 2024

Name Of The article Bhu Naksha Uttar Pradesh
Started By Uttar Pradesh Government
When was it started On 2 May 2016
Beneficiary All residents/land owners of the state
Objective Providing the facility to view land map online
Year 2024
Category Sarkari Yojana
Official Website upbhunaksha.gov.in

Objective Of UP Bhu Naksha

The primary goal of introducing the online Bhu Naksha Uttar Pradesh by the Revenue Department, Uttar Pradesh, is to offer residents a more efficient way to access maps of their properties such as houses, plots, shops, and farms. This initiative allows landowners to obtain detailed information about their land within minutes. The online platform also integrates residents of Uttar Pradesh into the digital landscape, promoting the digitalization of land-related processes. Previously, obtaining land maps required visits to government offices or tehsils, leading to time and money wastage. Now, residents can easily view and download Uttar Pradesh land maps from the comfort of their homes, saving both time and money.

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Some Other important information related to UP Bhu Naksha

Land maps are color-coded to represent different types and areas. Here is a detailed description:

Land Type Color Description
1-A [Color] Possession of transferable landholders.
2 [Color] Possession of non-transferable landowners.
5-1 [Color] New fallow land that is cultivable.
5-3 [Color] Cultivable land that is currently barren.
6-1 [Color] Submerged and non-agricultural land.
6-2 [Color] Land used for infrastructure like roads, railways, buildings, etc.
6-4 [Color] Land acquired for various other reasons.

Please note that specific colors are typically assigned to each land type for easy identification on the maps.

Benefits of Checking Bhu Naksha Uttar Pradesh online

  • The Uttar Pradesh government offers the service of viewing land maps for free on the upbhunaksha.gov.in portal.
  • This online facility has greatly benefited the state’s citizens, allowing them to check land maps quickly.
  • Previously, obtaining land maps required visits to Patwari, Tehsil, or government offices, resulting in time and money wastage.
  • The government’s initiative is a significant time and cost-saving measure for citizens.
  • Online land maps also enhance security, promoting land conservation in the state.

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Uttar Pradesh Bhu Naksha District Wise List

Here is a list of districts in Uttar Pradesh where you can view land maps online.

Sl. Number Name of District Sl. Number Name of District
1 Ayodhya (अयोध्या) 36 Kanpur Nagar (कानपुर नगर)
2 Azamgarh (आजमगढ़) 37 Kanpur Dehat (कानपुर देहात)
3 Ambedkar Nagar (अम्बेडकर नगर) 38 Kannauj (कन्नौज)
4 Agra (आगरा)  ) 39 Kaushambi (कौशाम्बी)
5 Aligarh (अलीगढ़) 40 Kushinagar (कुशीनगर)
6 Amethi (अमेठी) 41 Kasganj (कासगंज)
7 Amroha (अमरोहा) 42 Kheri (खेरी)
8 Bara Banki (बाराबंकी) 43 Lucknow (लखनऊ)
9 Baghpat (बागपत) 44 Lalitpur (ललितपुर)
10 Ballia (बलिया) 45 Moradabad (मुरादाबाद)
11 Bahraich (बहराइच) 46 Mahrajganj (महाराजगंज)
12 Bareilly (बरेली) 47 Mahoba (महोबा)
13 Banda (बाँदा) 48 Meerut (मेरठ)
14 Bulandshahar (बुलंदशहर) 49 Mirzapur (मिर्ज़ापुर)
15 Balrampur (बलरामपुर) 50 Mainpuri (मैनपुरी)
16 Basti (बस्ती) 51 Mathura (मथुरा)
17 Chitrakoot (चित्रकूट) 52 Mau (मऊ)
18 Chandauli (चंदौली) 53 Muzaffarnagar (मुजफ्फरनगर)
19 Deoria (देवरिया) 54 Prayagraj (प्रयागराज)
20 Etawah (इटावा) 55 Pilibhit (पीलीभीत)
21 Etah (एटा) 56 Pratapgarh (प्रतापगढ)
22 Firozabad (फ़िरोजाबाद) 57 Rampur (रामपुर)
23 Farrukhabad (फ़र्रूख़ाबाद) 58 Rae Bareli (रायबरेली)
24 Fatehpur (फतेहपुर) 59 Saharanpur (सहारनपुर)
25 Ghaziabad (गाजियाबाद) 60 Sant Ravidas Nagar (Bhadohi) (संत रविदास नगर)
26 Gorakhpur (गोरखपुर) 61 Sambhal (सम्भल)
27 Ghazipur (ग़ाज़ीपुर) 62 Sant Kabir Nagar (संत कबीरनगर)
28 Gonda  (गोंडा) 63 Saharanpur (सहारनपुर)
29 Hapur (हापुड़) 64 Sitapur (सीतापुर)
30 Hathras (हाथरस) 65 Siddharthnagar (सिद्धार्थनगर)
31 Jalaun (जालौन) 66 Shrawasti (श्रावस्ती)
32 Jaunpur (जौनपुर) 67 Sonbhadra (सोनभद्र)
33 Jhansi (झाँसी) 68 Sultanpur (सुल्तानपुर)
34 Unnao (उन्नाव) 69 Shamli (शामली)
35 Varanasi (वाराणसी) 70 Shahjahanpur (शाहजहाँपुर)

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How to Check & Download Bhu Naksha Uttar Pradesh?

To view land maps using Bhu Naksha Uttar Pradesh:

  1. Visit the official website https://upbhunaksha.gov.in/.
  2. On the homepage, choose the district, followed by tehsil and village.
  3. Once information is entered, the land map will appear on the right side.
  4. Select the Khasra Number from the map to view land details.
  5. The details page will show information such as account number, account holder name, and order.
  6. Click on the “Map Report” option.
  7. Enter the captcha code on the new page and click “Show Report PDF.”
  8. The land map will open in a PDF file.
  9. To download, click on the download symbol.

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The online availability of UP Bhu Naksha has revolutionized the land ownership experience for residents of Uttar Pradesh. Through a user-friendly online platform, citizens can effortlessly access and check land maps, saving both time and resources. This digitization initiative by the government not only enhances convenience but also promotes transparency, reducing disputes and preventing fraudulent land transactions. Residents now enjoy a seamless process to verify land details, fostering efficiency and confidence in land ownership. UP Bhu Naksha Check is a progressive step towards a more accessible and secure land information system.


How can I check the UP Bhu Naksha online?

Visit the official website (upbhunaksha.gov.in), select your district, tehsil, and village to access the land map.

Is there any cost associated with checking the Bhu Naksha online?

No, the online service is entirely free for residents of Uttar Pradesh.

What information can I find on the Bhu Naksha?

The Bhu Naksha provides details such as land area, account holder's name, and other relevant information.

What advantages does the online Bhu Naksha offer?

The online platform saves time, reduces the need for physical visits to government offices, and promotes land ownership transparency.

Can I download the land map for future reference?

Yes, the online portal allows you to download the land map for your property.

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