वृद्धा पेंशन योजना मध्यप्रदेश 2024 MP Vridha Pension ऑनलाइन आवेदन

वृद्धा पेंशन योजना मध्यप्रदेश:- The Madhya Pradesh government has introduced the Old Age Pension Scheme to support the elderly. This article aims to provide key details about the scheme, including its objectives, benefits, eligibility criteria, required documents, and the application process. If you are interested in obtaining comprehensive information about the Vridha Pension Yojana 2024, please read this article until the end.

Madhya Pradesh Vridha Pension Yojana 2024

The Vridha Pension Yojana 2024, launched by the Madhya Pradesh government, aims to provide pensions to all citizens in the state. Over 35 lakh individuals stand to benefit from this Old Age Pension Scheme. The initiative offers financial assistance to the elderly, with a notable feature being the direct transfer of pension amounts to the beneficiaries’ accounts. It’s important to note that only those holding Below Poverty Line (BPL) cards are eligible to avail the benefits of this scheme.

Madhya Pradesh Vridha Pension Yojana 2024

Vridha Pension Yojana MP Overview

Name OF Article वृद्धा पेंशन योजना मध्यप्रदेश
Launched By Madhya Pradesh Government
Beneficiary Senior citizens of Madhya Pradesh
Objective Grant pension
Year 2024
Category Govt. Scheme
Official Website https://socialsecurity.mp.gov.in/

भू नक्शा छत्तीसगढ़

Objective Of MP Vridha Pension Yojana

The primary aim of the Old Age Pension Scheme in Madhya Pradesh is to offer pensions to elderly citizens living below the poverty line. This initiative seeks to enhance the economic well-being of the elderly population in Madhya Pradesh, reducing their financial challenges and ensuring a better quality of life. By directly transferring funds to the beneficiaries’ bank accounts through the Old Age Pension Scheme Madhya Pradesh 2024, the government intends to foster self-reliance among the elderly, enabling them to lead more independent lives without relying on others.

Benefits & features of MP Vridha Pension Yojana

  • The Madhya Pradesh Old Age Pension Scheme 2024 provides financial assistance in the form of pensions to residents below the poverty line.
  • Over 35 lakh people stand to benefit from this initiative, with the pension amount being directly transferred to the beneficiary’s account.
  • Only BPL cardholders are eligible for this scheme, and applications can be submitted online or offline.
  • The government has launched an official website for easy online application, saving time and resources for the citizens.
  • Notifications will be sent to the registered mobile number upon money transfer.
  • Beneficiaries aged 60 to 69 will receive ₹300, while those aged 80 or above will get ₹500, promoting independence among the elderly.

बिहार रोजगार मेला

Eligibility for Vridha Pension Yojana Madhya Pradesh 2024

To benefit from this scheme, the applicant must be a permanent resident of Madhya Pradesh, not receiving benefits from other government pension schemes, not a government employee, not owning a three-wheeler or four-wheeler vehicle, and aged 60 years or more.

Scheme Pension Amount

In the Old Age Pension Scheme Madhya Pradesh 2024, individuals aged between 60 to 69 years will receive financial assistance of ₹300 per month. For applicants aged 80 years or more, the scheme offers increased financial assistance of ₹500 per month

Required Documents

  • Address proof
  • income certificate
  • Photocopy of BPL ration card
  • caste certificate
  • Aadhar card
  • identity card
  • mobile number
  • account number
  • two passport size photographs
  • Birth certificate

महात्मा ज्योतिबा

How to Apply For Vridha Pension Yojana MP Offline?

  • Start by visiting your tehsil and obtaining the application form.
  • Fill in all required information carefully, attach necessary documents, and submit the form back to the tehsil.
  • The staff will then verify your form, and upon successful verification, the money will be sent directly to your account.

How to Apply For MP Vridha Pension Yojana Online?

  • Visit the official Madhya Pradesh Pension Portal website https://socialsecurity.mp.gov.in/.
  • Click on the “Online Application for Pension Schemes” link on the homepage.
  • Fill in the required details if prompted, then click on the apply link.
  • Complete the form with care, upload all necessary documents, and click submit.
  • Your application will be successfully processed, and you will receive a registration number.
  • Keep this number for checking your application status later.

महाराष्ट्र रोजगार

Check Vridha Pension Yojana MP application status

  • Start by visiting the official Madhya Pradesh Pension Portal website.
  • Click on the “Application Status” link on the homepage.
  • On the new page, enter your registration number and click the search button.
  • Your application status will then be displayed on your computer screen.

View Vridha Pension Yojana MP beneficiary list

  • Visit the official Madhya Pradesh Pension Portal website.
  • On the homepage, click on the “Number and List of Pension Beneficiaries District Wise, Local Body Wise, Gram Panchayat/Ward Wise” link.
  • A new page will open; select District, Local Body, Gram Panchayat, Ward, and Pension Type.
  • Click on the “View List” link.
  • The beneficiary list will then be displayed on your computer screen.



In conclusion, the MP Vridha Pension Yojana 2024 in Madhya Pradesh stands as a vital initiative to support the elderly. With the ease of online application, residents can access financial assistance, promoting their well-being. This user-friendly scheme emphasizes inclusivity, ensuring the elderly below the poverty line receive direct benefits. By streamlining the application process and providing a comprehensive online platform, the government aims to enhance the quality of life for senior citizens, exemplifying a commitment to their welfare and financial independence.


What is the MP Vridha Pension Yojana 2024?

MP Vridha Pension Yojana 2024 is a scheme in Madhya Pradesh offering financial assistance to elderly residents.

Who is eligible for Vridha Pension in Madhya Pradesh?

Permanent residents of Madhya Pradesh aged 60 or above who meet specified criteria, including not owning vehicles and not availing other government pension schemes.

How can I apply online for Vridha Pension?

Visit the official Madhya Pradesh Pension Portal, click on the relevant link, fill in the required details, and submit the application online.

Can I apply for Vridha Pension offline?

Yes, the scheme allows both online and offline application processes.

What documents are required for the application?

Required documents may include proof of age, residence, BPL card, and other relevant identification.

How can I check the status of my Vridha Pension application?

Visit the official website, click on the Application Status link, enter your registration number, and view the status on the screen.

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