Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card Apply Online, Benefits

Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card:- Apply online for the 2024 Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card and explore its benefits and eligibility criteria on the ICICI Bank website:

Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card

The collaboration between Amazon and ICICI Bank represents a convergence of industry giants in technology, e-commerce, and finance., Inc. stands as a globally renowned tech powerhouse, offering a diverse array of services spanning e-commerce, cloud computing, online streaming, and artificial intelligence. Amazon enables users to effortlessly browse and purchase a wide range of products online, with swift delivery to designated addresses within days. Its reputation is built on a foundation of quality, reliability, and efficiency.

Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card

Meanwhile, ICICI Bank is a leading multinational bank in India, catering to millions with its comprehensive suite of banking and financial services. From traditional banking products to investment banking, insurance, stock market operations, and loans, ICICI Bank is synonymous with excellence in the private banking sector, both within and beyond India’s borders. Together, these two industry titans join forces to enhance customer experiences by simplifying the shopping process for Indian residents. The result of this collaboration is the Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card, designed to facilitate hassle-free purchases on credit. With no joining fee and tailored to accommodate individuals across various financial spectrums, this card empowers users to access goods and services without the burden of immediate lump-sum payments.

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Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card Overview

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Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card

Potential applicants can acquire the Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card at any ICICI Bank branch. This card offers a plethora of benefits and discounts, making it an attractive option for users. Moreover, there are no joining or renewal fees, opening up the opportunity for a wide range of individuals to apply.

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Benefits & Features of Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card

  • No joining or renewal fee.
  • Amazon Prime members receive a 5% cashback on their spending.
  • Reward points earned through the card have no expiry date.
  • Users can redeem their points at various Amazon Pay partner merchants and
  • Reward points are automatically converted into cash through Amazon Pay.
  • Non-Amazon Prime members receive a 3% cashback on Amazon purchases.
  • The card facilitates booking flights, recharges, bill payments, merchant payments, and more.
  • Offers a 1% surcharge waiver on fuel purchases.
  • Equipped with a microchip for enhanced security and fraud prevention.
  • Requires a PIN for card operation.
  • Users enjoy the 3D security feature for online transactions.

Eligibility Criteria for Applying for Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card

  • Applicants must be between 18 and 60 years old.
  • Both salaried and self-employed individuals are eligible.
  • A minimum income of Rs. 25,000 or more is required for ICICI customers.

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Required Documents

  • Identity proof documents: Aadhaar card, PAN card, or voter’s ID.
  • Address proof document: water bill, electricity bill, or Ration card.
  • Income proof document: monthly pay slip.

How to Apply for Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card Online?

  • Visit the ICICI Bank website portal link:
  • Navigate to the Amazon Pay ICICI credit card section under the “product” tab.
  • Click on the “apply now” tab to access the page.
  • Check the eligibility criteria and required documents.
  • Complete the application process.
  • Upon successful completion, a digital card will be provided for immediate use. The physical card will be dispatched by the bank within a few days.

Note: Alternatively, applicants can also apply through the Amazon website using a smartphone device. Simply navigate to the Amazon Pay section and follow the provided instructions.

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In conclusion, the Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card represents a collaboration between two industry giants, offering a host of benefits and features tailored to enhance the shopping experience for users. With no joining or renewal fees, a range of cashback rewards, and convenient online application options, this card provides a seamless and rewarding way to make purchases, both on Amazon and at partner merchants. Its advanced security features and flexible eligibility criteria further contribute to its appeal, making it an accessible and valuable financial tool for individuals across various demographics. Whether it’s earning cashback rewards, enjoying surcharge waivers, or experiencing heightened security, the Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card stands as a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in the financial and e-commerce sectors.


Is Amazon pay Icici card beneficial?

With a potential cashback of up to 5% on Amazon purchases, this card presents significant value for loyal Amazon customers. Given the platform's extensive range of products across various categories like groceries, lifestyle, electronics, and home furnishings, users stand to benefit greatly. Additionally, all other online and offline transactions accrue a flat 1% cashback, further enhancing the overall value proposition of the card.

How much salary required for Amazon ICICI credit card?

For ICICI customers, a minimum monthly income of Rs. 25,000 is required, while non-ICICI customers must earn at least Rs. 35,000 per month.

Is Amazon Pay ICICI credit card lifetime free?

The Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card is a co-branded credit card issued by ICICI Bank in partnership with Amazon Pay (India) Private Limited (Amazon Pay) and Visa. It offers lifetime free membership with no joining or renewal fees.

Can I withdraw money from Amazon Icici card?

Certainly, cash withdrawals are possible with your Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card at ATMs. However, a transaction fee of 2.50% of the withdrawal amount will be applicable. The minimum transaction fee stands at approximately Rs. 300.

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