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E Sanjeevani OPD 2024:- The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has introduced a new portal for teleconsultation services, ensuring comprehensive healthcare coverage. This article outlines the steps for E Sanjeevani OPD, including registration, token generation, login, waiting room, and consultation procedures. It also explains the platform’s features and provides a guide on downloading the application. Stay tuned for more details about this user-friendly healthcare platform.

E Sanjeevani OPD

The E Sanjeevani OPD is a helpful solution for people struggling to get medical advice during the pandemic. Developed in Mohali, it offers easy doctor appointments, special clinic slots, and waiting room access for Mohali residents. Using this app wisely brings various benefits, ensuring valuable support during these challenging times.

E Sanjeevani OPD

E Sanjeevani OPD 2024 Overview

Name E Sanjeevani OPD
Launched by Centre For Development Of Advanced Computing
Objective Helping people get OPD appointments
Benefits Get easy OPD appointments
Category Trending
Official site https://esanjeevaniopd.in/

आयुष्मान कार्ड

Objective of E Sanjeevani OPD

The E Sanjeevani OPD aims to offer health advice digitally, especially for those unable to visit hospitals due to the pandemic. Patients can receive online advice without going to hospitals, saving time and money while ensuring transparency. Proper use of E Sanjeevani OPD can also help control the spread of coronavirus. This service enables citizens to consult doctors from the comfort of their homes, promoting safety and convenience.

Features of E Sanjeevani

This platform offers various features:

  • Patients can register.
  • Generate tokens for appointments.
  • Manage queues efficiently.
  • Have audio-video consultations with doctors.
  • Receive ePrescriptions electronically.
  • Get notifications via SMS/Email.
  • Access services from local doctors.
  • It’s a free service.
  • Flexible settings (daily slots, doctors/clinics, waiting room, consultation time limits, etc.)

E Sanjeevani OPD Portal Services Available

  • Online OPD
  • Real-time telemedicine
  • State services doctors
  • Video consultation
  • Chat
  • Free services

विद्या संबल योजना

Statistics Of E Sanjeevani

Total consultation hours 54274 hrs 14 mins
Doctors attending at present 253
Average consultation duration 3 mins 04 secs
Average patient wait time 10 mins 43 secs

How to Sign Up, Get a Token, & Login for E Sanjeevani OPD?

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to register and make an appointment on the E Sanjeevani OPD portal:

  1. Visit the official website https://esanjeevaniopd.in/.
  2. Click on “Patient Registration.”
  3. Enter your mobile number and click “Send OTP.”
  4. Enter the OTP received and fill in your details.
  5. Request a consultation token and upload health records if available.
  6. You’ll receive Patient ID and Token via SMS.
  7. Log in using “Patient Login” on the homepage.
  8. Enter Mobile number or Patient ID with Token No., and click “Login.”
  9. To book an appointment, enter the clinic’s name.
  10. If there are prior appointments, you’ll get a serial number. Otherwise, you’re the first in the clinic.

Following these steps ensures successful registration and appointment scheduling on the platform.


Scheduling An Appointment

Here’s a step-by-step process to have an appointment with your doctor on eSanjeevaniOPD:

  1. Log in and find your clinic.
  2. Receive a serial number.
  3. When your number is called, a doctor is assigned to you.
  4. Click “CALL NOW” within 120 seconds.
  5. Successfully clicking gets you an appointment with your doctor.
  6. Appointments are conducted through a media call.

By following these steps, you can easily connect with your doctor for an appointment using eSanjeevaniOPD.

E Sanjeevani OPD Application Download

To download the mobile application, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google Play Store.
  2. Click “Download.”
  3. Wait for the download to finish.
  4. Carefully install the application.
  5. Register following the portal’s registration steps.

These steps help you download and set up the application on your mobile device.

मुख्यमंत्री कन्या सुमंगला

Checking Timings & Profile

To check your patient profile and timing, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the patient profile link.
  2. To view timings, click on the timing link.

Following these steps allows you to easily access your patient information and appointment timings.

Process To Do Doctor Login

To log in as a doctor on the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s official website:

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Click on “Doctor Login.”
  3. Enter your mobile number and click “Send OTP.”
  4. Enter the OTP received.
  5. Following these steps will complete the doctor’s login process.

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In 2024, E Sanjeevani OPD stands as a beacon of healthcare accessibility in India. The online platform, esanjeevaniopd.in, exemplifies innovation, offering seamless patient registration and appointment services. It signifies a paradigm shift, enabling patients to connect with healthcare professionals from the comfort of their homes. This transformative initiative ensures that distance and time are no longer barriers to quality medical consultation. With a user-friendly interface and efficient appointment system, E Sanjeevani OPD empowers patients, enhancing healthcare accessibility nationwide. As we step into the future, this digital healthcare solution not only improves lives but also represents a significant leap towards a healthier, more connected society.


What is E Sanjeevani OPD?

E Sanjeevani OPD is an online platform allowing patients to consult healthcare professionals remotely, providing medical services without the need for physical visits to clinics or hospitals.

How can I register for E Sanjeevani OPD in 2024?

To register, visit esanjeevaniopd.in, click on Patient Registration, provide necessary details, generate a token, and consult doctors online.

Is there a registration fee for patients?

No, E Sanjeevani OPD registration is typically free of charge for patients. The service aims to provide accessible healthcare without additional financial burden.

Can I access E Sanjeevani OPD from a mobile app?

Yes, the platform might have a mobile app available for download on various app stores, enabling patients to access services conveniently from their smartphones.

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