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Apna Khata 2024:- Land is a valuable asset, and maintaining accurate and updated land records is crucial for effective governance and transparent property transactions. In Rajasthan, the state government has taken a significant step towards digitizing land records through the Apna Khata portal. Apna Khata, also known as Rajasthan Jamabandi Nakal, allows citizens to access their land records easily and efficiently. This initiative aims to streamline the process of obtaining essential land-related information and promotes transparency in property dealings.

Apna Khata – Rajasthan Jamabandi Nakal

The Rajasthan government, through its Revenue department, has consolidated all land records on one official website portal. Residents of Rajasthan can now easily access their land details by visiting the official website called “अपना खाता” (Apna Khata). This website, known as Apnakhata Rajasthan Jamabandi Nakal, has been launched by the government to simplify the process, eliminating the need to visit revenue department offices.

Rajasthan Jamabandi Nakal

To access the Apna Khata portal, individuals can visit the official website at apnakhata.raj.nic.in. The portal provides a user-friendly interface, making it convenient for users to navigate and retrieve their land records. The availability of online services reduces the dependency on traditional, time-consuming methods of obtaining land-related documents.

Apna Khata Overview 2024

Article Title Apna Khata Rajasthan Online Jamabandi
Department Rajasthan Revenue Department
Beneficiary Citizens of the state
Objective Digitization of revenue records
Operating Authority State Government of Rajasthan
Operating State Rajasthan
Medium Online
Category Trending
Official Website apnakhata.rajasthan.gov.in

Apna Khata Rajasthan Jamabandi Nakal

Rajasthan Jamabandi Nakal/ROR serves various purposes:

  • Checking ownership details for land or property.
  • Government and landowners can monitor land activities and types via the official website.
  • Facilitating the land mutation process through accurate record documentation.
  • Landowners can use ROR documents to apply for loans.
  • Acting as a proof document in case of land disputes.
  • Providing agricultural information related to the land.

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Key Features of Apna Khata

  • Jamabandi Nakal (Land Records): One of the primary features of Apna Khata is the provision of Jamabandi Nakal, which includes essential details about land ownership, type of land, and any encumbrances. Users can obtain a digital copy of their land records with just a few clicks.
  • Khasra and Khatauni Details: The portal allows users to access detailed information about their land, including Khasra and Khatauni details. This information is vital for property owners, potential buyers, and government authorities involved in land-related transactions.
  • Online Mutation Application: Apna Khata facilitates the process of updating land records through an online mutation application. Users can submit mutation applications through the portal, reducing the need for physical visits to government offices.
  • SMS Services: The portal offers SMS services to keep users informed about the status of their mutation applications. This feature enhances transparency and ensures that individuals are updated on the progress of their requests.
  • Village Maps: Apna Khata provides access to village maps, allowing users to visualize the geographical layout of their land and neighboring areas. This feature can be particularly useful for property planning and development purposes.

Benefits of Apna Khata

  • Transparency: Apna Khata promotes transparency by making land records easily accessible to the public. This reduces the scope for fraudulent activities and ensures that individuals have accurate information about their property.
  • Time and Cost Savings: The online availability of land records and the option to submit mutation applications through the portal save users considerable time and effort. It eliminates the need for multiple visits to government offices and reduces associated costs.
  • Efficient Governance: Digitization of land records contributes to efficient governance by streamlining processes and reducing bureaucratic delays. It also enables government officials to manage land-related data more effectively.

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Step to Check Copy of the Apna Khata ROR Jamabandi Nakal?

Visit the official Apna Khata (अपना खाता) website at https://apnakhata.rajasthan.gov.in/. Follow these steps:

  • The homepage will show maps of Rajasthan. Click on your district.
  • The page will then list the land tehsils in the selected district.
  • Choose a Tehsil, and a new page will appear. Select your village.
  • New options will appear on the screen: by account, by measles, by name, and by all accounts.
  • Choose your preferred option. The system will display the ROR details, including owner’s name, account number, father’s or husband’s name, and other relevant information.

ROR Apna Khata Jamabandi Nakal Authorized Copy

The website offers information as per the required document. To obtain authorized documents, landowners must visit the offices and district data center with the necessary documents for authentication.

How to Submit Online Application for Apna Khata Portal Nomination?

  • Visit the official Apna Khata website link https://apnakhata.rajasthan.gov.in/.
  • On the homepage, select the nomination application link.
  • Enter all required details in the provided spaces.
  • Recheck the entered details.
  • The application will be submitted and completed automatically.

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The Apna Khata – Rajasthan Jamabandi Nakal portal stands as a testament to the Rajasthan government’s commitment to digitizing land records and promoting transparency in property transactions. By providing easy access to land-related information, the portal empowers citizens and contributes to efficient governance. As technology continues to play a pivotal role in modernizing administrative processes, initiatives like Apna Khata pave the way for a more accessible and accountable land administration system.


What is Apna Khata – Rajasthan Jamabandi Nakal?

Apna Khata – Rajasthan Jamabandi Nakal is an online portal launched by the Rajasthan government to provide easy access to land records, known as Jamabandi Nakal, for the citizens of the state.

How can I access Apna Khata?

You can access the Apna Khata portal by visiting the official website at apnakhata.raj.nic.in. The website provides a user-friendly interface for navigating and retrieving land records.

What information can I obtain from Apna Khata – Rajasthan Jamabandi Nakal?

The portal allows you to access details such as land ownership, type of land, Khasra and Khatauni details, and information about any encumbrances on the land.

What benefits does Apna Khata offer to users?

Apna Khata saves time and costs associated with traditional methods of obtaining land records.

Can I apply for land mutation online through Apna Khata?

Yes, the portal facilitates online mutation applications, reducing the need for physical visits to government offices. The status of mutation applications can also be tracked through SMS services.

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