सीएनजी गैस पंप कैसे खोले 2024, CNG Gas Pump कमाई, खर्चा, जमीन की पूरी जानकारी

सीएनजी गैस पंप:- Starting a fuel-related business, such as a petrol pump or CNG pump, is highly profitable and low-risk. CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is environmentally friendly, causing no harm to the environment, making it a desirable choice. To open a CNG Gas Pump, companies have specific conditions that, if met, allow for an investment of Rs 30 to 50 lakhs. This article provides valuable information on how to open a CNG gas pump through online or offline application processes, making it beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs.

CNG Gas Pump Kaise Khole?

CNG gas is a widely used fuel, ranking third after gasoline and diesel. It is a type of natural gas primarily used to power vehicles, following petrol and diesel. CNG is more affordable than both petrol and diesel. To start a CNG Gas Pump, you need to obtain a dealership from a company. If you have available land, you can apply for a dealership under CNG Pump. However, this requires a significant investment.

सीएनजी गैस पंप

Several companies in India offer CNG dealership opportunities. These companies periodically release advertisements and provide information to interested candidates. To obtain a license for a CNG gas pump, you must meet the specified conditions. Once these conditions are met, you can open a CNG pump by acquiring a dealership. This business has the potential to generate substantial monthly income, often reaching lakhs of rupees.

CNG Gas Pump Overview

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Companies providing CNG pump dealership

Several companies in India offer opportunities for eligible candidates to open CNG pumps. These companies regularly release advertisements to promote CNG pumps, allowing interested individuals to apply for dealerships. Here are the names of some companies providing dealership opportunities:

  1. GAIL India Limited
  2. Indraprastha Gas Limited
  3. Mahanagar Gas Limited
  4. Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited
  5. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
  6. Indira Bright Petroleum Private Limited
  7. Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Limited

How much does it cost to open a CNG pump?

If you’re considering opening a CNG pump, it’s crucial to have complete information about it. The cost of opening a CNG Gas Pump is significant and varies based on your land’s location. If your land is in the city center, it will require a higher investment. On the other hand, if your land is located away from the city, especially along a highway, the cost ranges from Rs 30 to 50 lakh. If you don’t own land, you can still open a CNG pump on rented land. Estimated data suggests that the minimum expenditure for starting a CNG pump is Rs 30 lakh, while the maximum expenditure can go up to Rs 1 crore.

राशन कार्ड आधार

Eligibility for CNG Gas Pump

To open a CNG gas pump in India:

  1. Citizenship: The applicant must be an Indian citizen.
  2. Age Requirement: Individuals opening the pump in their name must be between 21 to 60 years old.
  3. Educational Qualification: A minimum qualification of passing 10th grade is required. Graduation is the prescribed educational level.
  4. Entrepreneurship Skills: Preference is given to applicants with entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of safety rules.

Benefits of opening CNG Gas Pump

CNG gas offers several advantages over petrol and diesel:

  1. Limited Loss in Incidents: CNG gas tanks result in comparatively lesser losses in case of accidents compared to petrol and diesel.
  2. Reduced Noise Pollution: CNG vehicles operate quietly, helping to decrease overall environmental noise pollution.
  3. No Air Pollution: Unlike petrol and diesel, CNG gas usage does not contribute to air pollution.
  4. Offsetting Petroleum Dependency: CNG usage can help reduce our reliance on petroleum products.
  5. Affordable to Open CNG Pump: Starting a CNG gas pump doesn’t require a substantial investment.
  6. Lower Fire Risk: CNG has a higher ignition temperature (600°C) compared to petrol (320°C) and diesel (285°C), reducing the risk of fires.
  7. Cost-Effective for Users: CNG is cheaper for consumers compared to petrol and diesel.
  8. Low Noise Pollution: CNG gas engines produce minimal noise, contributing to the reduction of noise pollution.

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Suitable land for opening CNG pump

Before applying to open a CNG Gas Pump, it’s crucial to understand the land requirements:

  1. Dispute-Free Land: The land for the CNG pump should be free from disputes or disagreements.
  2. Ownership or Lease: The applicant must either own the land, have it on lease, or rent it. If the land belongs to a family member, a no objection certificate from the legal owner is mandatory.
  3. Non-Agricultural Land: CNG pumps cannot be installed on agricultural land; it must be converted into non-agricultural land.
  4. Accessibility: The land should be connected to roads or national highways.
  5. Proximity to Transmission Lines: Priority is given to land near the company’s transmission lines for CNG Pump installation.
  6. Space Requirements:
    • For small vehicles, a minimum of 700 square meters of space and 25 meters of land frontage is needed.
    • Large vehicles require a minimum area of 1500 square meters and a frontage of at least 50 meters.
    • Some companies require 1600 square meters of land with a 35-meter frontage for opening a CNG pump.

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How to Apply Online for Opening a CNG pump?

  1. Visit the official website of companies offering CNG Gas Pump dealership opportunities.
  2. Regularly check the website for advertisements related to dealership openings.
  3. Companies release advertisements on their official websites to attract interested candidates.
  4. Apply for the dealership through the advertisements posted on the company’s website.
  5. If your application meets the company’s criteria and is accepted, you can proceed to open your CNG pump.

How to Apply Offline to Open CNG Gas Pump?

  1. Visit the nearest offices of companies offering CNG gas pump dealership.
  2. Speak to the company officials to gather information about the dealership process.
  3. Inquire about the steps and requirements for obtaining a CNG gas pump dealership offline.
  4. Complete the necessary paperwork and application process at the company’s office.
  5. Submit your application offline to apply for the CNG gas pump dealership.



Complete information about opening a CNG gas pump in 2024 proves that this business offers wide options. Information related to the cost of CNG gas pump, land requirement, and initial guidance on earning provides guidance in the right direction. The possibility of online and offline application, even all the important aspects related to the use of CNG gas have been included in this information, making this topic a complete and safe investment.


How to open CNG gas pump?

To open a CNG gas pump, first of all the businessman will have to get a dealership from a related company. You can apply for this online or offline.

What is the cost of CNG Gas Pump?

The cost of opening a CNG gas pump may vary depending on the location, location, structure, and equipment. In general, it can range between Rs 30 lakh to Rs 1 crore.

How much can one earn from CNG gas pump?

The amount of earnings depends on location and availability of vehicles, but can often amount to lakhs of rupees a month.

How to apply online?

Check the latest dealership advertisements by visiting the official website of the concerned company, and apply from there.

How to make CNG pump safe?

Follow safety rules at CNG pumps, adopt fire safety measures, and start vehicles safely.

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