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ई मित्र राजस्थान:- E-Mitra Rajasthan, initiated by the state government, brings essential services to citizens’ doorsteps. This online portal facilitates convenient access to services such as bill payments (electricity, water, mobile), birth and death certificates, residence certificates, exam fees, marriage certificates, revenue court management, employment applications, and more. Residents of the state can easily benefit from these services. In this article, we will provide comprehensive information about the E-Mitra Rajasthan online portal, so read on till the end.

e Mitra Rajasthan 2024

The Rajasthan Government has introduced the eMitra Rajasthan Portal, operating both online and offline across 33 districts, offering diverse government services. Citizens can even establish their own e-Mitra service center. This integrated center, managed by the Rajasthan government, allows for various tasks to be completed under one roof through the internet. Individuals seeking to access the online portal’s benefits can apply online. Moreover, those educated but unemployed have the opportunity to open their own e-Mitra Kendra for additional employment opportunities.

e Mitra Rajasthan 2024

e Mitra Rajasthan Overview

Name Of The Portal ई -मित्र पोर्टल राजस्थान
Launched By Rajasthan Government
State Rajasthan
Application Process Online
Date of application currently available.
Objective Government services available
Year 2024
Category Govt. Scheme
Official Website emitra.rajasthan.gov.in

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Objective of E Mitra Rajasthan

The e-Mitra online portal in Rajasthan consolidates services and schemes from all government departments into one accessible kiosk. This initiative aims to efficiently, transparently, and conveniently provide integrated citizen services, streamlining the process by bringing all government departments under one roof. Through e-Mitra or the internet, citizens can access various services that were previously scattered across different offices. This approach not only saves time but also eliminates the inconvenience of visiting multiple offices, ensuring that government services are available near every village.

Features of e Mitra Rajasthan

  • The eMitra Portal operates 365 days a year, allowing citizens to access services whenever needed.
  • To use eMitra, citizens must register, and after registration, they receive a login ID and password via email.
  • This facility is exclusive to residents of Rajasthan.
  • To provide eMitra services, a designated location, like a small shop, is required.
  • Currently, e-Mitra services are available in 33 districts of Rajasthan, so only residents of Rajasthan can utilize the e-Mitra Rajasthan Portal.

भू नक्शा छत्तीसगढ़

Rajasthan e Mitra

The Rajasthan Government has introduced the e-Mitra facility to make government services easily accessible to the people. Services ranging from bill payments (electricity, water, mobile) to obtaining birth and death certificates are available at e-Mitra centers. Additionally, services like letters, domicile certificates, examination fees, marriage certificates, revenue court management, employment applications, and more are offered. With over 50,000 e-Mitra centers established across the state, residents can benefit from these services either through the online portal or by visiting their nearest e-Mitra center. Educated unemployed individuals and others also have the opportunity to open their own e-Mitra Centers to provide these online facilities.

बिहार रोजगार मेला

Facilities available on emitra.rajasthan.gov.in

  • Public Services and Training: Over 30,000 e-Mitras are linked with video conferencing (VC), facilitating public hearings and training sessions.
  • Banking Services: Approximately 15,000 e-Mitra kiosks offer banking services in the state. Residents easily withdraw funds from their Bhamashah accounts, and 2,500 e-Mitra pay points in rural areas provide door-to-door cash withdrawal. Across the state, around 55,000 e-Mitra centers offer more than 450 services.
  • Document Services: Services include obtaining the Bhamashah Card, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, income certificate, caste certificate, and address proof.
  • Bill Payments: Users can conveniently pay electricity, gas, and water bills, as well as utility bills, through e-Mitra centers.
  • Mobile Services: e-Mitra centers provide services such as mobile recharge.
  • Government Applications: The centers assist with applications for various purposes, including licenses to sell fertilizer, permissions for sale, and subsidy applications for water storage tanks.

How to earn from e Mitra Rajasthan

The government has set fees for services offered through e-Mitra, collected from citizens for its operation. This fee constitutes the income for e-Mitra services. Fixed rates are established for all services. Opening an e-Mitra can be a profitable venture, with current kiosk owners earning between Rs 25,000 to 40,000 per month. Additional services such as photocopying, lamination, and providing balance offer opportunities to earn extra income.

महात्मा ज्योतिबा फुले

Things required to open e Mitra

  • Computer
  • printer
  • computer desk table
  • biometric fingerprint scanner
  • an internet connection
  • Binding machine will also have to be installed to make files etc.
  • lamination machine

Eligibility for e Mitra Rajasthan

To qualify for the eMitra Rajasthan scheme, the beneficiary must:

  1. Be a permanent resident of Rajasthan.
  2. Only residents of Rajasthan are eligible for this program.
  3. Be at least 18 years old to obtain an eMitra Login ID.
  4. Possess knowledge of internet usage, computers, and related equipment.
  5. Have a designated location for the eMitra Service Center to offer services to citizens.
  6. Hold a minimum qualification of passing 10th grade.
  7. Possess proficiency in typing in both Hindi and English.

महाराष्ट्र रोजगार

Required Documents

  • 10th mark sheet
  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Bhamashah Card
  • bank passbook
  • Police Verification i.e. Character Certificate
  • 2 stamp papers of Rs 100 each
  • mobile number
  • passport size photo

How to Register & login online on e Mitra Rajasthan Portal 2024?

To register on the online portal, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official E Mitra website https://emitra.rajasthan.gov.in/.
  2. On the homepage, locate and click the “Login” option.
  3. You will be redirected to the SSO Rajasthan official website. Click on the “Registration” option on the home page.
  4. On the registration page, use identity cards like Aadhar Card, Bhamashah Card, Facebook ID, Gmail ID, etc.
  5. Create a username and password for your SSO ID, which you’ll use to log in.
  6. Select any of the available identity card options, and an application form will appear.
  7. Fill in all the required information in the application form.
  8. Your registration will be completed.
  9. To log in later, return to the home page and enter your username and password in the login form.


How to check status on eMitra online portal?

  • Visit the official E-Mitra website.
  • Once on the homepage, look for the “Online Verification” section, specifically the “Track Transaction” option.
  • Click on “Track Transaction.”
  • On the next page, enter the Transaction ID and Receipt Number.
  • Click the search button.
  • The status of your transaction will then be displayed.

Process to download E Mitra App

  1. Visit Emitra Rajasthan’s official website.
  2. The homepage will appear.
  3. Locate the “Download App” option on the right side.
  4. Click on the option.
  5. If you use Android, select “Android E Mitra App Download.” For iPhone users, choose “iPhone E Mitra Download,” and for Windows users, select “Windows E Mitra App Download.”
  6. A new page will open. Click “Install” on this page to download and install the E Mitra app on your mobile phone.

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In conclusion, the e-Mitra Rajasthan 2024 initiative, with its user-friendly registration and login processes on emitra.rajasthan.gov.in, promises to revolutionize citizen services. The online registration system simplifies access to a multitude of government services, fostering transparency and efficiency. As citizens embrace this digital platform, it not only streamlines processes but also offers opportunities for entrepreneurship through e-Mitra centers. The initiative signifies a commendable step towards a technologically advanced and citizen-centric governance system in Rajasthan.


What is e-Mitra Rajasthan 2024?

e-Mitra Rajasthan 2024 is a government initiative facilitating online registration and login for streamlined access to various citizen services.

How can I register on emitra.rajasthan.gov.in?

Visit emitra.rajasthan.gov.in and follow the online registration process provided on the portal.

What services can I access through e-Mitra Rajasthan 2024?

e-Mitra offers a wide range of government services, including bill payments, certificates, and applications.

Who is eligible for e-Mitra registration?

Residents of Rajasthan are eligible for e-Mitra registration to access the online services.

How does the login process work?

After successful registration, a login ID and password are sent to the registered email, and users can log in through emitra.rajasthan.gov.in.

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