Delhi Bazaar Portal Launch Date 2024, Link, Benefits, Shop Registration

Delhi Bazaar Portal Launch Date:- Discover the latest updates on the Delhi Bazaar Portal launch, registration link, required documents, eligibility criteria, and more in this article. We provide essential information about the Delhi Bazaar Portal, including its purpose, advantages, registration process, eligibility criteria, necessary documents, and application steps. If you wish to avail the benefits offered by the Delhi Bazaar Portal, it’s crucial to read this article attentively. The government implements various schemes to support the growth of businesses and industries, both at the central and state levels, and the Delhi government is no exception.

Delhi Bazaar Portal Launch 2024

Delhi Bazaar Portal was officially launched by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on November 3, 2021. This portal enables traders, manufacturers, and shopkeepers to showcase and sell their products through a virtual platform. It’s not limited to Delhi residents; people from across India and even abroad can purchase products through the Delhi Bazaar Portal App. This initiative is expected to enhance Delhi’s domestic production capacity and boost its economy. The full functionality of the Delhi Bazaar Portal is anticipated to be operational by December 2024.

Delhi Bazaar Portal Launch Date

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal made the announcement about the Delhi Bazaar Portal’s launch date and time on November 3, 2021. This platform empowers Delhi’s traders, manufacturers, and shopkeepers to expand their businesses by selling their products online. Importantly, the portal opens up new markets, not just for Delhiites but for people all over India and abroad. It offers a valuable avenue for both industrialists and small shop owners in Delhi to increase their income.

Delhi Bazaar Portal Launch Date Overview

Post Title Delhi Bazaar Portal Launch
Category Scheme
Authority Delhi Government
Launch By Delhi CM Arvind Kejariwal
Beneficiary Local vendors of Delhi
Launched Date December 2024 (Expected)
Category Trending


Delhi Bazaar Portal 2024

A budget of Rs 20 crore has been allocated for the project, and the initial expenditure over three years is expected to reach Rs 70 crore. This includes design and development charges and subsidies for vendors. The projected annual subsidy, also known as the seller hand-holding fee, is estimated to be around Rs 55 crore for a period of 2 years.

Benefits Of Delhi Bazaar Portal 2024

The Delhi Bazaar Portal brings several objectives and benefits for the vendors in Delhi:

  • Employment Opportunities: Unemployed residents of the state can easily search for job opportunities through the Delhi Job Portal.
  • Matching Qualifications: Job seekers will find positions that match their qualifications on the portal. Moreover, companies can also use the portal to recruit suitable employees.
  • Streamlined Job Search: Citizens will no longer need to search extensively for job openings; the portal provides a centralized platform for employment opportunities.
  • Reduced Unemployment: The portal’s job listings contribute to reducing unemployment in the state by connecting job seekers with suitable positions.

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Delhi Bazar Portal 2024 Online Registration

The Delhi Government has recently announced the upcoming launch of the Delhi Bazaar Portal in 2024. Once the portal is officially launched by the government, citizens will have the opportunity to register online. We will provide you with updates on the registration process as soon as the Delhi Government initiates it. If you wish to avail of the benefits offered by the Delhi Bazaar Portal, please stay connected to our article for further information.

Required Documents

To benefit from the Delhi Bazaar Portal, you need to prepare the following essential documents before applying for Delhi Bazaar Portal Registration 2024:

  1. Proof of Delhi Residency.
  2. Aadhar Card.
  3. Domicile Certificate.
  4. Caste Certificate.
  5. Voter ID Card.
  6. Income Certificate.
  7. Passport-sized Photograph.
  8. Contact Number.
  9. Email ID.

Helpline Number Of Delhi Bazar Portal 2024

For information regarding the Delhi Bazar Portal helpline number, you can check here. If you encounter any issues during the registration process, you can seek assistance through this helpline number. We will promptly update this article as soon as the Delhi government initiates the helpline number service.

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In conclusion, the upcoming launch of the Delhi Bazaar Portal holds great promise for traders, manufacturers, and shopkeepers in Delhi. With the official launch date on the horizon, this virtual platform is poised to revolutionize the way businesses operate. It will provide a wider audience, including residents, people across India, and even abroad, access to diverse products. The registration link will soon become available, offering ample opportunities for shop registration. This portal promises economic growth, employment opportunities, and convenience for both buyers and sellers. As we eagerly await its full implementation, the Delhi Bazaar Portal is set to be a game-changer in the world of commerce.


When is the Delhi Bazaar Portal expected to be officially launched?

The Delhi Bazaar Portal was launched on November 3, 2021.

Where can I find the link for registration on the Delhi Bazaar Portal?

The registration link for the Delhi Bazaar Portal will be provided once the portal is officially launched. Stay tuned for updates.

How can I register my shop on the Delhi Bazaar Portal?

Details and instructions for shop registration on the Delhi Bazaar Portal will be provided upon its official launch. Be sure to follow the registration guidelines once they are made available.

Is there any cost associated with registering and using the Delhi Bazaar Portal?

Details about registration costs and fees, if applicable, will be provided during the registration process on the portal.

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