Delhi Premium Bus Service Yojana with Higher Fares & App Booking to be Launched Soon

Delhi Premium Bus Service Yojana:- The Delhi Premium Bus Scheme plans to introduce a premium bus service within the city. These buses will have higher fares compared to regular buses, including those operated by the government’s Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC). The service will not allow standing passengers, and bookings can be made through a mobile app.

Delhi Premium Bus Service Scheme 2024

In a bid to revolutionize public transportation in the capital city, the Delhi government is all set to launch the “Delhi Premium Bus Service Scheme.” This forward-looking initiative aims to provide commuters with a more comfortable and efficient mode of transportation through premium buses, higher fares, and a convenient app-based booking system. The Delhi government plans to launch upscale private buses in the city. Passengers can book seats on these buses through smartphone apps, aiming to encourage car owners to use public transport. Presently, Delhi has 7,379 buses operating on 600 routes, including 300 electric buses (3319 cluster buses and 4060 DTC buses).

Delhi Premium Bus Service Scheme 2024

Delhi Premium Bus Service Scheme Overview

Name of the scheme Delhi Premium Bus Service Scheme
Initiated by Delhi Government
Objective Mobile apps will be used by passengers to reserve seats on these buses
Benefits The Scheme will lessen traffic on Delhi roads
Category Govt. Scheme
Official website

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Features of Delhi Premium Bus Service Scheme

Delhi’s Premium Bus Service Scheme offers unique features:

  • Comfortable, Safe, and Punctual: The government aims to make public transport in Delhi more comfortable, safe, and punctual, encouraging middle-class and upper-middle-class residents to use it over private vehicles.
  • Mobile App Booking: It introduces the country’s first city bus service allowing passengers to book seats via a mobile app, ensuring convenient travel.
  • Higher Fares: Fares for these buses will be higher than regular Delhi Transport Corporation buses. Standing passengers won’t be allowed, and women won’t travel for free on these premium buses.
  • Private Operation: Private companies will operate these premium buses, which will feature amenities like WiFi, CCTV, GPS, and a panic button, enhancing the overall travel experience.

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Who Can Operate the Buses?

Under the scheme, private operators who paid a licence fee to the Delhi government can run buses. Only CNG and electric buses less than three years old are allowed. Electric buses used in the service won’t incur a licence fee.

Delhi Earlier Buses Routine

Between 2000 and 2012, Delhi had white line buses connecting fixed locations within the city and to Noida. These private buses followed a government-mandated route, stopping at specified locations. They were popular among commuters traveling between Noida and Delhi, as well as office-goers. Initially, there were around 700 luxurious Whiteline buses, known for their quality. However, factors like the introduction of the Metro and low demand during off-peak hours led to a decrease in their number and usage over time.

Higher Fares for Quality Service

The “premium” tag comes with a cost. Higher fares for these buses are a part of the scheme to ensure top-notch service. Passengers will be paying a premium for the comfort and quality of the journey. It is a trade-off that many are willing to make in exchange for a comfortable, punctual, and hassle-free commute.

App-Based Booking for Convenience

One of the standout features of this Yojana is the introduction of an app-based booking system. Passengers can easily book their seats, track buses in real-time, and receive alerts about arrival times. This app not only provides convenience but also promotes contactless and efficient ticketing, a significant advantage in the current scenario.



The Delhi Premium Bus Service Scheme is a much-needed transformation in the realm of public transportation. It addresses several key aspects that commuters often grapple with – comfort, reliability, and efficiency. While higher fares might seem like a departure from the usual, they are an investment in a more comfortable and stress-free daily commute. The app-based booking system further simplifies the process and keeps up with the modern era’s digital demands. As the scheme is set to be launched soon, it holds the promise of a brighter, more convenient future for Delhi’s daily travelers. The comfort and reliability of premium buses may just be the turning point that encourages more people to opt for public transport, reducing congestion, and contributing to a cleaner and greener city. With this initiative, Delhi is marching forward in its journey to become a world-class metropolis with efficient, modern, and comfortable public transportation options.


What is the Delhi Premium Bus Service Scheme?

The Delhi Premium Bus Service Scheme is an upcoming initiative by the Delhi government to introduce high-end buses with higher fares and app-based booking, providing a more comfortable and convenient travel experience.

What makes these buses premium?

Premium buses offer enhanced amenities, comfortable seating, and a higher quality of service compared to regular buses. They have higher fares due to these added features.

How can I book a seat on the premium buses?

Seats can be reserved using smartphone apps, making the booking process convenient and accessible.

What are the key features of the premium buses?

Premium buses will include amenities like air conditioning, spacious seating, and other comfort features. Additionally, they will have Wi-Fi, CCTV, GPS, and a panic button for passenger safety.

When will the Delhi Premium Bus Service Scheme be launched?

The exact launch date has not been specified yet. Keep an eye on official announcements from the Delhi government for updates on the launch schedule.

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