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Right To Health Bill Kya Hai 2024:- The Rajasthan Government recently passed the Right To Health Bill to enhance healthcare services for citizens. Despite opposition from some parties and doctors due to specific provisions, the government considers it advantageous for the public. Introduced in 2024, the bill faced delays, primarily concerning free emergency treatment mandates. Due to doctors’ opposition, it was sent to the Select Committee MLA. The Rajasthan Health Rights Act was approved in the current budget session 2024. To learn about the bill’s details, reasons for opposition, and its benefits, read this article thoroughly.

Right To Health Bill Rajasthan Kya Hai

The Rajasthan Government passed the Right To Health Bill on 2024, granting every citizen the legal right to health. This law ensures citizens can receive emergency treatment at public health facilities without upfront fees. Hospitals cannot deny treatment, and in emergencies, the state covers costs if patients cannot afford it. Serious cases allow free treatment in private hospitals. Additionally, accident victims taken to hospitals receive a government incentive of Rs 5000. This bill ensures equal access to healthcare, emphasizing emergency care without financial barriers for Rajasthan’s residents.

Right To Health Bill

Right To Health Bill 2024 Overview

Name Of the Article Right To Health Bill
Bill passed on 21st March 2023
Relevant Departments Rajasthan Health Department
Beneficiary Citizens of the state
Objective Providing free health care even in private hospitals
Incentives 5000 Rupees
State Rajasthan
Year 2024
Category Govt. Scheme

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Why was there protest against Rajasthan Right to Health Bill?

The Right to Health Bill faced opposition from private doctors in Rajasthan. The bill mandates private hospitals to provide free emergency treatment, even if patients can’t pay. Doctors argued this would burden them bureaucratically. On March 20, private hospital doctors protested and sought changes through discussions with health officials. A group of doctors also met the Health Minister, urging the bill’s withdrawal. Their main concern was the obligation to provide free emergency care without compensation, leading to their protest against the bill.

Fine up to Rs 25000 for violation of rules

According to the Right to Health Bill, doctors or patients breaking any rules can be fined up to Rs 25,000. For the first violation, the fine is Rs 10,000. Repeat violations can incur fines up to Rs 25,000. This bill enforces penalties for rule breaches to ensure compliance with healthcare regulations.

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Benefits to the public from the Right to Health Bill

  1. The Right to Health Bill in Rajasthan covers various aspects. It includes protection against terrorism, biological hazards, chemical attacks, and accidents, reducing losses in the state.
  2. Private hospitals must offer free treatment under government schemes.
  3. During pandemics, people have rights to treatment, emergency care, investigations, nursing, and more.
  4. The bill encompasses government and private institutions, ensuring free consultations, medicines, ambulance services, and procedures.
  5. Private hospitals must provide timely emergency care without upfront payments.
  6. Patient dignity is preserved during surgeries, and female patients undergo physical tests with a female staff present.
  7. Road accident victims receive free transportation, treatment, and insurance.
  8. Citizens aiding accident victims receive a Rs 5000 incentive.
  9. Government departments cooperate for safe food and clean water.
  10. A swift complaint resolution system is in place, with responses within 24 hours and actions taken within 30 days by the District Health Authority.
  11. The bill ensures comprehensive healthcare access for all Rajasthan residents, promoting safety, dignity, and efficiency in healthcare services.

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The Right to Health Bill 2024 signifies a significant stride towards universal healthcare access in Rajasthan. Despite initial opposition, this legislation promises comprehensive medical services, ensuring emergency treatments, consultations, and procedures free of cost. The bill bridges gaps by mandating private hospitals to offer free treatments under government schemes, fostering equality in healthcare. It addresses various health-related challenges, including pandemics and accidents, offering prompt and efficient care. Additionally, it emphasizes patient dignity during treatments and resolves complaints swiftly. While some concerns were raised, the bill stands as a testament to the government’s commitment to citizens’ health, ushering in an era of inclusive healthcare services and safeguarding the well-being of Rajasthan’s residents.


What is Right to Health Bill?

Right to Health Bill has been passed by the Rajasthan government, which will give the residents of Rajasthan the right to health services.

What are the benefits of this bill?

This bill provides citizens with the right to emergency treatment, free medical facilities, education, investigation, treatment, nursing, diagnosis, and methods.

Will this bill apply to private hospitals also?

Yes, this bill will force private hospitals to provide free treatment under government schemes.

Are there disadvantages in this bill?

Most people are welcoming it, but there are some concerns, such as the increasing bureaucratic pressure private doctors face.

When will this bill come into force?

This bill is to be passed in the legislative session 2024, but detailed information about when this bill will come into effect is not available.

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