Dumri Election Result 2023, Jharkhand By Election Vote Count, Winner Name Polls

Dumri Election Result 2023-The Dumri Assembly by-election in Jharkhand, held on September 5, followed the unfortunate passing of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) MLA Jagarnath Mahto. In this bypoll, Bebi Devi, Mahto’s wife and a representative of the India bloc from JMM, faced competition from Yashoda Devi of the AJSU Party and Abdul Rizvi of the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM).

The main showdown is between Bebi Devi and Yashoda Devi, with six candidates in total. While the JMM received support from allies Congress and the RJD, Yashoda Devi, representing AJSU Party, was backed by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the senior partner in the NDA. Despite allegations of “misuse of state machinery” by the ruling party candidate, BJP’s Rajya Sabha member Aditya Sahu expressed confidence in the NDA candidate’s victory.

Dumri Election Result 2023

Counting of votes has been completed for seven assembly seats in six states, resulting in victories for the Opposition in four seats: UP’s Ghosi, Jharkhand’s Dumri, West Bengal’s Dhupguri, and Kerala’s Puthuppally. The BJP secured wins in two seats in Tripura and Bageshwar in Uttarakhand. These by-elections are considered a significant test for the opposition alliance INDIA against the ruling BJP-led NDA, with potential implications for upcoming state elections and the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. INDIA leaders have hailed these victories as a trailer for the 2024 Lok Sabha election.

The by-elections saw a united front from the INDIA alliance in specific constituencies, notably Ghosi in Uttar Pradesh and Dumri in Jharkhand. Out of the seven seats, three were previously held by the BJP, and one each by the Samajwadi Party, CPI(M), JMM, and Congress. In Bengal’s Murshidabad district, a mob attacked the Raninagar police station after a rally organized by the Left and Congress. The rally celebrated the victory of the Congress-Left alliance in the Raninagar-II community block area during the July 8 panchayat polls. The two parties formed the panchayat samiti board after defeating TMC. Additionally, TMC won the Dhupguri assembly seat in a bypoll on Wednesday.

dumri election result 2023

Dumri Election Result Overview

SeatDumri Assembly By Election 2023
DateSeptember 5, 2023
ConstituencyDumri, Jharkhand
Reason for By-ElectionDeath of JMM MLA Jagarnath Mahto
Key Candidates– Bebi Devi (JMM)
– Yashoda Devi (AJSU Party)
– Abdul Rizvi (AIMIM)
Major Backing Parties– JMM (Backed by Congress and RJD)
– AJSU Party (Supported by BJP)
ResultBebi Devi (JMM) wins by over 17,000 votes
defeating Yashoda Devi (AJSU Party)
CategoryElection Result

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Dumri Election Winner Name

JMM candidate Bebi Devi emerged victorious in the Dumri assembly by-election in Jharkhand’s Giridih district, defeating AJSU party nominee Yashoda Devi by a margin of over 17,000 votes, as confirmed by a district administration official.

Dumri Bypoll Result 2023: 7 rounds of vote counting

According to the Election Commission, after seven rounds of vote counting, the number of votes bagged by candidates are –

  • AJSU Party’s Yashoda Devi: 25,557 votes
  • Jharkhand Mukti Morcha’s Bebi Devi: 24,006 votes
  • AIMIM’s Abdul Mobin Rizvi: 1,129 votes
  • Independent candidate Roshan Lal Turi: 648 votes
  • Independent candidate Kamal Prasad Sahu: 206 votes
  • Independent candidate Narayan Giri: 205 votes

Yashoda Devi from AJSU Party secured the highest number of votes, winning the election.

Dumri Bypoll Result 2023 Live: JMM ahead of AJSU Party

In the Dumri Assembly By-Election 2023, JMM candidate Bebi Devi, who is also the INDIA bloc nominee, was leading by 1,341 votes over her nearest AJSU party rival Yashoda Devi in Jharkhand’s Giridih district.

  • After two rounds of counting, Bebi Devi secured 7,314 votes, while Yashoda Devi from the AJSU Party, an NDA nominee, got 5,973 votes.
  • The polling for the by-election took place on September 5, with a voter turnout of 64.84% out of the total 2.98 lakh eligible voters.

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Dumri Bypoll Result 2023: Close contest

In the Dumri Assembly By-Election 2023, the ruling JMM in the state is optimistic about retaining the seat due to the emotional sentiments related to the late JMM MLA and former state education minister Jagarnath Mahto’s demise.

  • On the other hand, the NDA is aiming to secure the constituency by highlighting the alleged shortcomings of the JMM-led state government in their campaign.
  • The AIMIM, led by Owaisi, actively campaigned for their candidate Md Abdul Mobin Rizvi, with hopes of gaining a foothold in the state.

Jharkhand By Election Vote Count 2023

The vote counting process for the Jharkhand By-Election 2023 was conducted with great anticipation and enthusiasm. The Dumri Assembly seat, which went to the polls on September 5, witnessed a close contest between the JMM’s Bebi Devi and the AJSU Party’s Yashoda Devi. After two rounds of counting, Bebi Devi, the JMM candidate and INDIA bloc nominee, had garnered 7,314 votes, while Yashoda Devi, the AJSU Party candidate and NDA nominee, secured 5,973 votes.

This election saw a significant voter turnout, with 64.84 percent of the eligible voters casting their ballots. As the counting continued, the tension among political parties and their supporters was palpable, and the results were eagerly awaited to determine the fate of the Dumri constituency.

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In conclusion, the Jharkhand By-Election 2023 for the Dumri Assembly seat was a close watch and high anticipate event. The contest between Bebi Devi of the JMM and Yashoda Devi of the AJSU Party kept everyone on the edge of their seats. The voter turnout was impressive, reflecting the significance of this by-election. As the results were announced, Bebi Devi emerged victorious, securing 7,314 votes and retaining the seat for the JMM. The election was not just about political parties; it was also a reflection of the sentiments and aspirations of the people of Dumri.

The JMM’s success in this by-election was a testament to their ability to connect with the voters and carry forward the legacy of their late MLA, Jagarnath Mahto. On the other hand, the AJSU Party and AIMIM made valiant efforts to make their mark in Jharkhand’s political landscape. Overall, the Jharkhand By-Election 2023 showcased the vibrancy of Indian democracy, where every vote and every contest matters. It was a momentous event that had implications beyond Dumri, serving as a barometer of political trends and dynamics in the state.


What was the main highlight of the Jharkhand By-Election 2023 in Dumri Assembly seat?

The main highlight was the intense contest between Bebi Devi of the JMM and Yashoda Devi of the AJSU Party, which garnered significant attention

How was the voter turnout during the Dumri by-election?

The voter turnout was impressive, reflecting the significance of this by-election, with 64.84 percent of eligible voters casting their votes.

Who emerged victorious in the Dumri Assembly by-election?

Bebi Devi of the JMM emerged victorious, securing 7,314 votes and retaining the seat for her party.

What was the significance of this by-election beyond political parties?

This by-election was not just about political parties but also reflected the sentiments and aspirations of the people of Dumri.

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