ई ग्राम स्वराज पोर्टल: डाउनलोड e-Gram Swaraj App लिंक, egramswaraj.gov.in

ग्राम स्वराज पोर्टल:- Swaraj and development of Indian villages is the basic foundation of development of our nation. To promote peace, economic stability, and quality of population of villages, e Gram Swaraj Portal is an important step. The portal and its mobile app, “e-Gram Swaraj,” offer online digital tools to gram panchayats to improve the management of villages. In this article, we will give you information about e-Gram Swaraj Portal and e-Gram Swaraj App, and how they can be downloaded from here.

e-Gram Swaraj Portal

e-Gram Swaraj Portal” has been launched by the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of National Panchayati Raj Day on 24 April. Along with this, the Prime Minister has also launched “e-Gram Swaraj App”. The main objective of this portal and app is to strengthen e-governance in Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) across the country.

e-Gram Swaraj Portal

Through the online portal “egramswaraj.gov.in” all the people of the country can get information about Panchayat development works, their sections and functioning. This marks an important new step that has been taken to facilitate the digital governance and development of Gram Panchayats. Through this, Sarpanch and officials of Panchayati Raj institutions will be able to manage their work more effectively and maintain communication with the villagers. It is a simple and effective way to make rural communities more capable in terms of their development, and to provide access to information and resources to improve their lives.

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e-Gram Swaraj Portal Overview

Name Of Article e-Gram Swaraj Portal: डाउनलोड e-Gram Swaraj App लिंक, egramswaraj.gov.in
Year 2023
Name Of Schr=eme Swamitva Yojana
Name Of Portal E-Gram Swaraj Portal
Category Govt. Scheme
Official Website egramswaraj.gov.in

What is e Gram Swaraj Portal?

E Gram Swaraj Portal is a digital initiative of the Government of India whose main objective is to bring Gram Panchayats on digital platform. This portal is designed to promote the independence and swaraj of Gram Panchayats, enabling them to manage their functions more effectively. This portal helps Gram Panchayat officials and members of the population to access various services, such as financial management, project and scheme operations, and accountability checks.

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What is e-Gram Swaraj App?

e-Gram Swaraj App is also part of the e-Gram Swaraj Portal, which aims to facilitate access of Gram Panchayat officials on one digital platform. Through this, they can manage the development of the village in a more convenient manner and also maintain communication with the villagers.

Benefits of e-Gram Swaraj App

  • Digital Management: Through the application, Gram Panchayat officials can manage their work digitally, which improves work efficiency.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Through the application, it is a convenient medium to maintain communication between the villagers and the Gram Panchayat officials, thereby connecting them in the development of the villages.
  • Administrative Features: Through e-Gram Swaraj App officials of Gram Panchayats can conduct various administrative functions, such as right to quality of population, climate change and security, and more.

Features Of e-Gram Swaraj

  • From this portal one can get information about all the works of the Ministry of Panchayati Raj.
  • Any citizen of the country can create an account on the e-Gram Swaraj portal and get information about village development works.
  • All details about Panchayat Secretary and Panch can also be seen on this portal.
  • The e Gram Swaraj portal can also be accessed as a mobile app.
  • Digitization of villages and rural areas will be done through this portal.

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How to Download e-Gram Swaraj App?

Follow the following steps to download e-Gram Swaraj App:

  • Go to Smartphone: First, open Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS) on your smartphone.
  • Search and Install: Type “e-Gram Swaraj” in the search bar and search for the application. After finding the application, install it on your device.
  • Setup: After installing the application, open it and setup it with your Gram Panchayat information.
  • Login and Usage: Login successfully with your Gram Panchayat data and start using e-Gram Swaraj App.


e Gram Swaraj Portal and e-Gram Swaraj App are an important step to help Gram Panchayats in providing Swaraj and convenient digital sadhana. Through these, rural communities are given courage and sadhana towards their development, and are provided with materials to improve their lives. Therefore, you also download the e-Gram Swaraj Portal and e-Gram Swaraj App and contribute to the development of your village.

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