E Shram Card Installment 2024 Release Date & Time, Status, Check List

E Shram Card Installment 2024:-Nearly all workers in the unorganized sector who have already enrolled on the e-SHRAM Platform by the third week of January, those who have obtained an E Shram Card and the first segment of the financial help of Rs. 1,000 would have received both. And now it is time for the E Shram Card Second Installment List 2024, which will provide an additional Rs. 1,000 in March. In today’s article, we will learn how you can get two installments and when. We will learn how to get two installments and when in the article we are reading today. In addition, what are the prerequisites that need to be met in order to get the second installment of the E Shram Card.

E Shram Card Installment

The “Shram Card Yojana” by the Ministry of Labor and Employment aims to benefit unorganized sector workers financially, offering labor card advantages. Many workers in this sector have already registered through the e-SHRAM Portal. Those who secured their SHRAM cards by the third week of January received the initial financial assistance of Rs. 1000. Now, the E Shram Card 2nd Installment List is expected in March, providing an additional Rs. 1000. This second installment covers February, and workers will continue to receive aid for March and April, concluding by the end of March or possibly during the second week.

E Shram Card Installment

E Shram Card Installment Overview

Card Name E shram Card
Article Name e-SHRAM Card 2nd Installment
The Second Credit Amount Rs. 1000/-
Age Limit 15 – 59 years
Beneficiaries Only registered beneficiaries can access the e-SHRAM page. / eligible laborers already enrolled in the scheme
Registrations Open
Start registration https://eshram.gov.in/home
Category Govt. Scheme

About E shram Card

The e-labor card offers a significant benefit by providing Rs 1 lakh assistance to workers in case of accidents or disabilities. To be eligible for a labor card, ensure you have an Aadhaar card, bank account number, and income certificate. While the Central Government has not specified a date for the Shramik Card Payment Status, eligible individuals can expect to receive Rs 1000 in their bank accounts soon. Workers who have generated their Shramik Card in any state can check the E Shram Card Payment Date 2024 and receive the assistance directly in their bank accounts, as Financial Assistance is provided by the Government through this E Shram Card.

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Eligibility For E Shram Card Installment

  • Workers who have already enrolled in e-SHRAM and received the first payment will automatically qualify for the second payment in 2024.
  • Eligibility criteria remain unchanged according to the governing body.
  • Those who don’t have an e-SHRAM account should create one this month, even if they are unorganized.

Required Documents

  • Aadhar card
  • Bank passbook
  • Ration magazine
  • The cell phone number and Aadhar number should be connected.
  • Electricity bill

E-Shram Card Eligibility 2024

  • Age requirements for E-Shram Card 15 to 59 years.
  • Should not be an EPFO or ESIC member.
  • Should not be a taxpaying citizen.
  • Must be employed in the informal sector.

URISE Portal

Installment Balance Check through Mobile On E Shram Card

To check the 1,000-rupee balance on your Shramik card:

  1. Call the toll-free number or visit your bank’s office for a passbook entry.
  2. Alternatively, use the official Umang App, downloadable from the app store or play store.
  3. Launch the app, register, and create an MPIN.
  4. Choose the PFMS (Public Financial Management System) option.
  5. Click “Know Your Payment Status” on the PFMS page.
  6. Enter the bank name, account number, and mobile number.
  7. Click submit to view all information on your mobile device.


Installment Balance Check through a Website On E Shram Card

To track your progress in completing the second part of the assignment:

  1. Visit the official website https://eshram.gov.in/.
  2. On the homepage, you’ll find options to either log in or register; click the appropriate one.
  3. Provide your cellphone number to create an account.
  4. Log in with your newly created account.
  5. Choose the PMF’s new dashboard and go to the pmss section.
  6. Click on the “Know Payment Link” option.
  7. Input your bank account details, including the bank number and mobile number.
  8. Click the “Submit” button.
  9. The system will then display all transactions received from the government, including the second payment if deposited into your account.

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In conclusion, the anticipation for the E Shram Card Installment in 2024 Release Date & Time is met with eagerness as workers await financial support. The status check and checklist play crucial roles in ensuring a smooth process for eligible individuals. As the government provides assistance through this initiative, the release date and time hold significance for those relying on the E Shram Card Installment, promising financial relief and stability. Workers are encouraged to stay informed and vigilant for timely updates regarding this essential support program.


When is the expected release date and time for the E Shram Card Installment in 2024?

The exact release date and time for the E Shram Card Installment in 2024 have not been specified. Regularly check official announcements for updates.

How can I check the status of my E Shram Card Installment?

You can check the status through the official portal or app designated for E Shram Card services.

What are the key criteria for eligibility to receive the E Shram Card Installment?

Eligibility criteria typically include having a valid Shramik Card, employment status, and adherence to government guidelines.

What documents do I need to keep ready for the E Shram Card Installment?

Documents may include a valid Shramik Card, Aadhaar card, and bank account details. Refer to the official checklist for specific requirements.

Can I apply for the E Shram Card Installment if I am not currently employed?

Eligibility often requires current employment status. Check the specific criteria outlined by the government.

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