Federal Bank Net Banking Login, Registration 2024

Federal Bank Net Banking 2024:- Below is a step-by-step guide for registering as a new user and activating Fednetbank for 2024. Further details can be found at fednetbank.com.

Federal Bank Net Banking

FedNet, also known as Federal Net Banking, offers customers a convenient digital platform for online money transfers and transactions. Embraced by millions of Federal bank customers, this online banking system eliminates the need for manual visits to the bank. FedNet boasts various features tailored to meet the diverse banking requirements of its users.

Federal Bank Net Banking

Federal Bank Net Banking Overview

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Benefits of FedNet Net Banking Service

  • Facilitates intra-account fund transfers for customers.
  • Eliminates the need for demand drafts and cheque processes, offering all services online.
  • Enables money transfers via IMPS (Immediate Payment Service).
  • Allows customers to conduct banking activities conveniently from the comfort of their homes or anywhere within the country.
  • Provides the ability to pay both direct and indirect taxes using internet banking.
  • Simplifies credit card bill payments through FedNet banking service.
  • Offers easy mobile recharge and DTH payments through net banking.
  • Provides quick access to mini statements and balance checks via the net banking service.
  • Allows payment of services such as school fees through the FedNet banking portal.

How to Activate or Register for Federal Bank Net Banking

To register for Federal Bank Net Banking, applicants need to have the following details ready:

  • An active Federal bank account in their name (not a joint account).
  • Valid bank ATM card with all KYC details such as PAN number, passport number, etc.
  • Registered mobile number and email address.
  • ATM card number and date of birth.

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Federal Bank Net Banking Registration 2024

Step-by-step Process for Fednetbank Registration 2024 at Federal Bank Net Banking:

  1. Visit the Federal bank net banking website at https://www.fednetbank.com.
  2. On the homepage, click the continue to login.
  3. Select the signup button.
  4. Choose the type of account (e.g., “single”) and click continue.
  5. Enter your Federal bank account number and the captcha code, then click continue.
  6. Verify the OTP sent to your registered mobile number and continue.
  7. Enter your user ID and password as per the provided instructions. Re-enter the password for confirmation and proceed.
  8. Choose the preferred facility type and complete the registration process.
  9. Log in to the FedNet banking portal using your username and password.
  10. Select the desired facility type (“view and transact” or “view only”).
  11. Click on the tab “I require transaction facility” and submit the required debit card details.
  12. Create a transaction password and confirm it.
  13. Verify the OTP sent to your registered mobile number to complete the registration process.

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Federal Bank Net Banking Login

To log in to the FedNet net banking portal:

  1. Go to the Federal Bank official website page at https://www.fednetbank.com.
  2. Click on “personal banking” on the homepage and then click on the login button.
  3. Enter your user ID and password and click the login tab.
  4. Now you can access the net banking services, and you can also change the password from the same page.

Federal Bank Net banking Password Reset

If you forgot your federal bank net banking password, follow these steps to reset it:

  1. Visit the official website page at https://www.fednetbank.com.
  2. On the home screen, select “personal banking” and click the login button.
  3. Click on “forgot password” on the new page.
  4. Enter the user ID, debit card number, ATM pin, expiry date, and captcha code.
  5. Enter the new password and re-enter it for verification, then submit.
  6. Now you can log in to the official website with your new password.

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In conclusion, Federal Bank’s Net Banking service, FedNet, offers a plethora of benefits and convenience to its customers, facilitating seamless online transactions and banking activities. With features such as fund transfers, tax payments, bill payments, and mobile recharge, FedNet caters to the diverse needs of modern banking. The step-by-step registration and login processes outlined above ensure a smooth onboarding experience for new users, while the password reset mechanism adds an extra layer of security and accessibility. Overall, FedNet exemplifies Federal Bank’s commitment to leveraging technology for enhancing customer satisfaction and convenience in the digital age.


How to activate federal net banking?

To register for Federal Bank Net Banking, you'll need: An active Federal Bank account in your name (individual, not joint). A valid mobile number and email ID already registered with the branch under the same account. A valid ATM card. Your date of birth and ATM card number will be required for certain steps in the registration process.

How to get net banking user ID and password federal bank?

To reset your password: Go to the FedNet login page and click on the Forgot Password link. Enter your FedNet account User ID and provide your Debit card details (Card Number, ATM Pin, Expiry Date). Additionally, input the verification code displayed on your screen.

Does Federal Bank have net banking?

You can access FedNet Internet Banking by applying online or offline. Online applications are available for your convenience, or you can opt for the offline method by filling out the FedNet application form and submitting it at your branch of account.

How do I register for Federal Bank Net Banking in 2024?

You can register for Federal Bank Net Banking by visiting the official website and following the registration process outlined there. Ensure you have all necessary documents and information ready.

How do I log in to Federal Bank Net Banking?

To log in, visit the Federal Bank website, click on the Net Banking login option, and enter your user ID and password. Follow the prompts to access your account.

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