HRMS Odisha 2024 Employee Pay Slip, Login

HRMS Odisha :-The Odisha government introduced the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Portal and Web Application for its employees. This portal, called HRMS Odisha Pay Slip and Salary Slip Portal, offers significant benefits to government employees. To access their salary slip online, employees need to log in. The portal also provides an e-service book accessible at Detailed information, including portal features, objectives, benefits, mobile number registration, login process, and Payslip download, is available below.

HRMS Odisha 2024

The Odisha government provides its employees with an online system called HRMS. This website allows employees to view their salary details, including pay stubs, deductions, and download their pay slips. The HRMS portal manages employee data, addresses customer queries, and ensures timely salary payments to bank accounts. Employees can quickly access and download updated information from the HRMS Portal. Pay slips serve as essential documents for loans and job applications. With this online system, department offices are less crowded, and employees receive their salaries promptly. Accessing pay slips is easy; employees only need their username and password for HRMS login.

HRMS Odisha 2024

HRMA Odisha Overview

Name HRMS Odisha
Introduced by Government of Odisha
State Odisha
Beneficiaries Odisha government employees
Category Pay Slip
Official Website

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Objective Of HRMS Odisha

The HRMS Odisha Portal’s online application has been introduced to meet government and organizational personnel needs. This system simplifies the process of checking payment slips. It displays details like the employee’s name, working days, paid and unpaid leaves, PF, and EPI. After gathering necessary information, the system calculates each employee’s gross and net salary, deducts necessary amounts, and credits the final amount to the account.

HRMS Odisha Benefits

The HRMS portal offers several advantages:

  • Accurate Records: Helps the government maintain precise salary records and track historical changes.
  • Multiple Uses: Both government and employees utilize the portal for various purposes, including checking pay stubs.
  • Loan Requests: Employees can request loans from banks using their pay slips.
  • Employment Search: Pay slips are useful for job hunting, providing proof of income.
  • Dispute Resolution: Used to resolve disputes between government personnel and employees.
  • Financial Details: Provides detailed information about official deductions and gross pay.

Process to Login on HRMS Portal Odisha

To log into HRMS Odisha:

  1. Visit Official Site: Go to
  2. Homepage: The website’s homepage will appear.
  3. Click Personal Login/HRMS Login: Select this option.
  4. Enter Details: Input your user ID, password, and captcha code.
  5. Login: Click the login button to access your registered account.

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How to Download Odisha HRMS Payslip 2024 Online?

To download your payslip from HRMS Odisha:

  1. Visit Official Site: Go to the HRMS Odisha official website
  2. Login: Use your user ID, password, and captcha code to log in.
  3. Access Dashboard: Once logged in, go to the dashboard.
  4. Find Payslip: Click on the request or submission tab and locate the payslip you want.
  5. Select Payslip: Choose the HRMS salary slip option.
  6. Choose Month and Year: Pick the specific month and year for the payslip.
  7. Verify and Download: Review the payslip; if correct, click download.
  8. Save or Print: Your HRMS Odisha Pay Slip will appear; save it for future reference or print a hard copy.

Procedure to Register Mobile Number

To register on HRMS Odisha:

  1. Visit Official Site: Go to HRMS Odisha’s official website.
  2. Homepage: Click on the registration sign-up button under the e-services for employees section.
  3. Fill Details: Enter all required information on the new page.
  4. Mobile Number: Provide your registered mobile number.
  5. OTP Verification: Enter the OTP received on your mobile number.
  6. Save Account: Click on save or create account to finish the registration process.

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In 2024, HRMS Odisha stands as a pivotal platform, revolutionizing employee management for the Odisha government. The HRMS Odisha portal, accessible at, streamlines payroll processes, allowing employees to conveniently access their pay slips. With user-friendly interfaces and efficient functionalities, this digital initiative ensures transparency and accuracy in salary management. The portal’s secure login system guarantees data privacy, empowering employees to effortlessly view and download their pay slips. By embracing technology, HRMS Odisha not only simplifies administrative tasks but also promotes a more efficient, accountable, and employee-friendly work environment, marking a significant step towards a modernized workforce in the state.


What is HRMS Odisha?

HRMS Odisha is an online platform designed for Odisha government employees to manage their payroll and access pay slips electronically.

How can employees access their pay slips on HRMS Odisha?

Employees can access their pay slips by logging into the HRMS Odisha portal at using their unique credentials.

What information is available on the HRMS Odisha pay slip?

The pay slip provides details about salary, deductions, allowances, and other financial components. It offers a comprehensive overview of the employee's earnings and deductions.

How do employees register or create an account on HRMS Odisha?

Employees can register by visiting the official HRMS Odisha website, clicking on the registration sign-up option, filling in the required details, verifying their mobile number through OTP, and completing the registration process.

What other services are available on HRMS Odisha, apart from accessing pay slips?

Besides pay slips, HRMS Odisha offers services like updating personal information, checking leave balances, and accessing other employment-related details, making it a comprehensive platform for employee self-service.


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